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Found 3 results

  1. 270Soft Historical Politicians! *Note: Members of historical major parties are often switched to the 21st century incarnation of those parties. Thus, a Republican Progressive becomes a Democrat, and a Conservative Southern Democrat becomes a Republican, etc. 1. Executive Branch: Pres. George Washington (Right-leaning I)VP. Al Gore (D)Major cabinet-level officers & Etc.: Chief of Staff: Alexander Hamilton (Mixed I)State: Elihu Root (R)Treasury: Salmon P. Chase (D)Defense: Henry Knox (Right-leaning I)Att. Gen: Edward Bates (R)Interior: Ethan Hitchcock (R)Agriculture: Henry Wallace (D)Commerce: Herbert Hoover (R)Labor: Robert Reich (D)Health & HS: Elliott Richards (D)Housing & UD: Jack Kemp (R)Transportation: Elizabeth Dole (R)Energy: Ernest Moniz (D)Education: Arne Duncan (D)Vet Affairs: Ed Derwinski (R) Peace: Dennis Kucinich (D) [Created to appease Progressive dominated atmosphere] Homeland Security: John Kelly (R) UN Ambassador: Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr (R) Nat. Sec. Advisor: Zbigniew Brzezinski (D) Chair Fed Reserve: Alan Greenspan (R) 2. Judicial Branch: Chief Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Liberal Associate Justices: Thurgood Marshall - Liberal John Marshall - Conservative OW Holmes - Moderate William Douglas - Liberal Louis Brandeis -- Progressive Anthony Kennedy -- Moderate Clarence Thomas -- Conservative Antonin Scalia -- Conservative 3. Legislative Branch: Speaker of the House -- Champ Clark (D) House Minority Leader -- Newt Gingrich (R) US Reps (D): 415 US Reps (R): 120 Senate Majority Leader -- Joe Biden (D) Senate Minority Leader -- Robert Taft (R) Chair Bipartisan Committee -- Henry Clay (I) US Sen (D): 64 US Sen (R): 33 US Sen (I): 3 Alabama: Oscar Underwood (R); Jeff Sessions (R) Alaska: Ted Stevens (R); Lisa Murkowski (R) Arizona: Carl Hayden (D); John McCain (R) Arkansas: Joseph Robinson (D); Hattie Caraway (D) California: Hiram Johnson (D); Dianne Feinstein (D) Colorado: Edwin C. Johnson (D); Cory Gardner (R) Connecticut: Prescott Bush (R); Chris Murphy (D) Delaware: Bill Roth (R); Joe Biden (D) Florida: Claude Pepper (D); George Smathers (D) Georgia: Sam Nunn (D); David Purdue (R) Hawaii: Hiram Fong (R); Daniel Inouye (D) Idaho: William Borah (D); Frank Church (D) Illinois: Everett Dirksen (R); Adlai Stevenson III (D) Indiana: William Jenner (R); Birch Bayh (D) Iowa: Albert Cummins (D); Tom Harkin (D) Kansas: J. J. Ingalls (D); Bob Dole (R) Kentucky: Henry Clay (I); Rand Paul (R) Louisiana: Edwin Broussard (R); Huey P. Long (D) Maine: Hannibal Hamlin (D); Margaret Chase Smith (R) Maryland: Charles Matthias (I); Barbara Mikulski (D) Massachusetts: Daniel Webster (R); Ted Kennedy (D) Michigan: James Couzens (D); Arthur Vandenberg (R) Minnesota: Eugene McCarthy (D); Al Franken (D) Mississippi: Robert J. Walker (R); Pat Harrison (R) Montana: Burton K. Wheeler (D); Mike Mansfield (D) Missouri: Harry S. Truman (D); Stuart Symington (D) Nebraska: George W. Norris (D); Ben Nelson (D) Nevada: William Stewart (D); Key Pittman (D) New Hampshire: John Hale (D); Charles Tobey (D) New Jersey: Frederick Freylinghuysen (D); Clifford Case (R) New Mexico: Adrieus Jones (D); Dennis Chavez (D) New York: Robert Wagner (D); Robert F. Kennedy (D) North Carolina: William Mangum (R); Jesse Helms (R) North Dakota: Asle Gronna (D); Heidi Heitkamp (D) Ohio: Robert Taft (R); Sherrod Brown (D) Oklahoma: Thomas Gore (D); Elmer Thomas (D) Oregon: Charles McNary (D); Wayne Morse (D) Pennsylvania: Joseph Guffey (D); Rick Santorum (R) Rhode Island: Nelson Aldrich (R); John Chafee (D) South Carolina: James Byrnes (D); Lindsey Graham (R) South Dakota: George McGovern (D); John Thune (R) Tennessee: Estes Kefauver (D); Howard Baker (R) Texas: Sam Houston (R); Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Utah: Elbert Thomas (D); Frank Moss (D) Vermont: Patrick Leahy (D); Bernie Sanders (I) Virginia: Harry F. Byrd, Jr. (R); Mark Warner (D) Washington: Warren Magnuson (D); Henry Jackson (R) West Virginia: Matthew Neely (D); Jennings Randolph (D) Wisconsin: Robert La Follette, Sr. (D); Russ Feingold (D) Wyoming: Joseph O'Mahoney (D); Gale McGee (R) 4. Governors: Dem Govs: 30 Rep Govs: 18 Ind Govs: 2 AL - Fob James (R) AK - Bill Walker (Right leaning I) AZ - George WP Hunt (D) AR - Bill Clinton (D) CA - Earl Warren (D) CO - John Hickenlooper (D) CT - Samuel Huntington (R) DE - Pete du Pont (R) FL - Bob Graham (D) GA - Nathan Deal (R) HI - David Ige (D) ID - Cecil Andrus (D) IL - Richard Yates (D) IN - Evan Bayh (D) IA - Samuel Kirkwood (D) KS - Kathleen Sebelius (D) KY - James Garrard (R) LA - Earl Long (D) ME - John Reed (R) MD - Martin O'Malley (D) MA - Michael Dukakis (D) MI - George Romney (R) MN - Harold Stassen (Left-leaning I) MS - Adelbert Ames (D) MO - Phil Donnelly (D) MT - Steve Bullock (D) NE - David Butler (D) NV - Brian Sandoval (R) NH - John Taylor Gilman (R) NJ - Chris Christie (R) NM - Bruce King (D) NY - Nelson Rockefeller (D) NC - Jim Hunt (D) ND - Jack Dalrymple (R) OH - John Kasich (R) OK - Brad Henry (D) OR - Kate Brown (D) PA - Gifford Pinchot (D) RI - Gina Raimondo (D) SC - Nikki Haley (R) SD - Dennis Daugaard (R) TN - Frank Clement (D) TX - Bill Clements (R) UT - Jon Huntsman (R) VT - Phil Scott (R) VA - Terry McAuliffe (D) WA - Jay Inslee (D) WV - Cecil Underwood (R) WI - Philip La Follette (D) WY - Dave Freudenthal (D)
  2. Here are ten political questions that I was curious as to how you would respond: 1. What is the difference between a "liberal" and a "progressive"? 2. Can a "conservative" also be "progressive"? 3. How do you view the "Necessary and Proper Clause"/Elastic Clause and how do you interpret it? Congress has the power, “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper" 4. How do you view the "General Welfare Clause" and how do you interpret it? Congress has the power to "lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defense and general Welfare of the United States." 5. Is military dominance, including the on-going interventions, Cold Wars, and nation building required for American greatness or any nation's greatness? 6. Name a few things that Democrats do right, and a few things that Republicans do right (no snarky comments) 7. What can both parties learn from the Libertarian Party? 8. What can both parties learn from the Green Party? 9. In general, would a trend towards billionaire presidents be preferable to party politicians? 10. What is ONE single issue that needs to be resolved for America to be greater than it currently is?
  3. Sorry, it's me again A few miscellaneous questions from the electoral vote info screen... What do the "4/5", "1/10", etc. numbers mean above the tracking poll and other icons? Is there really any disadvantage to simply targeting every state? What do the numbers in the top two rows mean? I'm really lost with the second screen "platform." I really don't understand the bars and graphs in the first two columns. What do we use this for and what are the key points when figuring out the best issues for us and against our opponents? Incidentally, a suggestion - can we get the ability to pop out tracking poll graphics into a new window, to get a larger more detailed view?
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