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Found 3 results

  1. Guys, how do I activate the way candidates are abandoning the electoral race during the primaries. Before it was working, now I can't do it anymore and ends up arriving in July with 12 candidates and no dropouts. Can someone help me?
  2. As Michael Bloomberg, I grabbed Hillary Clinton's endorsement (who had 52.3% of the primary vote) at a point of high momentum for me, with the percentages looking like this: Republicans: 43.8 Democrats: 38.7 Bloomberg: 11 The split was 256 (D) - 10 (?) - 272 (R) in the electoral college. I got Clinton's endorsement, and 2 turns later it looked like: Republicans: 56.7 (+12.9) Democrats: 27.4 (-11.3) Bloomberg: 12.3 (+1.3) 6 (D) - 532 (R) It appears that the Clinton endorsement went to the Republicans. More information will be given if needed.
  3. IDK what is going on but, it seems Clinton has an extremely annoying superpower to jump up in polls with like +20 momentum right before important primaries. What is this? I've had this issue before so I played on easy with fog of war off and it still happened. Examples: (I was up in all of these states one week ago) Florida: Clinton (+19.4) Ohio: Clinton (+26.3) Illinois (+15.3) North Carolina (+32.8) Previously it happened in Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Minnesota. Edit: Now it's happening in almost every state. I just don't get it.
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