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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone from 270soft forum. Before we get to the point, I would like to make it clear that my intentions in proposing this discussion are not intriguing, but merely bringing up a stuffy subject. I am not interested in games of electoral simulations today, passing the year and each time, even if not in a homogeneous way, new games on the subject appear. I will not mention them, but surely 270soft games have some prominence in this scenario. A company dedicated to the theme, has a responsibility to the public and this is admirable. But the problem here is accessibility. Playing the demo versions of 2004, and 2008, we see how scarce the internet resource is for finding full versions. We don't even find a store on Steam. We are limited to purchasing them through the 270 website. There are some promotions and a variety of prices for each type of product, which can reach their highest value at $ 40-45. If we convert 40 dollars to the real currency in Brazil, we will have 168 reais. I've found some products you can buy with this money: Computer Desk 2 Shelves 160 Artely White; Gamer case G-fire Htc10f S / White source; Gamer Computer Desk Night Blood PRO-4152 - Ville Móveis; a nice chrome wheel, and even a scary carnival gorilla mask. Well understand what I mean, and how important is the debate about "piracy" or alternative download ways for people from emerging countries like mine. I would like globalism to allow better income for young people of the new generation so that they are closer to new technologies. Finally, I leave a question: why are games so much more elaborate and of questionable success, so much easier to find on the Internet, than specific and niche games like 270? Anyway, I want to hear from you and if any administrator or user wants to send me an email about my topic, I will make it available: lucasbritto25@gmail.com I usually talk to developers by email, so I always reply. Bye
  2. Hi, where can I get the demo of President Forever 2016? I enjoyed that version, but accidentally it was deleted and I can't find it on 270soft page.
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