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Found 4 results

  1. So ever since 3.1 or so, after I updated from 2.82 or so, pre 3.1... bonuses haven't done anything. I give Trump a + or - in certain states, stays exactly the same. I also have the polling in the polls tab set to off. So the game is only running on region percentages. Also in the 2020 scenario, the outcome more or less is always the same regardless of a candidate or percentage. I gave Trump a 100% bonus in Alabama just to test it, nothing. What changed? I liked being able to just add a 5% bonus for a candidates homestate or a custom one I would make, but now, nothing happens. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have the 2.8.2 version of President Infinity and I'm using the editor to create my own version of 2018 lazio regional elections but I don't know how to modify the opinion polls section. Can you help me? Thanks.
  3. @admin_270I'm finalizing my NJ Governor 2017 and have run into a problem. Normally we get the region percentages from the previous election. But 2013 was an overwhelming victory for Christie, and doesn't follow the election patterns. Usually when I simulate that race, it's a close GOP win. Now the latest poll is 51-35 Dem but when I turn General Election polls on, the opposite happens. The game sets ALL regions to roughly that range, while there are some deep red counties within the state. Even though I'm using popular vote, I still think that the region percentages are important. So in other words, the general election polls seem to have too strong an effect. I even experimented (with polls on) with taking one region and setting the region issue positions to exactly those of the GOP candidate. Still this normally Republican county went higher for the Democrat candidate then average. It's tough figuring out how the polls work, and how the initial in-game percentages are calculated.
  4. So how do polls work with respect to date? I thought I read that if you start a campaign within 30 days of a polling date, those polls apply to your campaign, but what about polls afterward? For example, if there's a poll dated July 15, and one August 31, yet I start my campaign on August 1, then does this include the 7/15 polls? What happens on 8/31, do those polls then take effect and factor into the percentages on the map? Or are polls only used to start the campaign. Also, what is the difference between polls and region percentages, so far as their effect on the voting numbers? Thanks
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