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Found 3 results

  1. United Kingdom - 2005 Coming soon to PMI! Hello hello, everyone! I'm pleased to announce that after having a word with the good people at 270soft, I will be able to work on new scenarios from PMF 2010 including the 2005 election and others. For those of you who know my work porting 2010 to PMI, I now will be porting other scenarios as well, starting with the 2005 and 1992 base scenarios. I hope I'll be able to eventually do custom scenarios too, but for now I'm focusing on PMF's base scenarios. While the 2010 isn't technically finished with population numbers still at 2015 (I'
  2. United Kingdom - 2010 (Infinity edition) (Work in Progress) Hello everyone! I'd like to announce the campaign I am making concerning the United Kingdom's 2010 General Election. PMI takes a lot of work to make scenarios given the amount of numbers and people, but luckily I'll be able to use Prime Minister Forever's 2010 campaign for most of that. This is, as you can tell, a work in progress, so please remember that this may not come for at least a while. What's Done: -Historical Leaders -Some Alternate Leaders added (All Conservative 2005 Candidates added,
  3. lizarraba


    My Spain-1986 campaign is finnaly complete, i know that with FPP the results for a Spanish election are extremely different that with the PR, but anthony is thinking about making PR so I upload this for just play until the PR is add. https://www.mediafire.com/?y145p4ypj2doan1
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