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Found 5 results

  1. I constantly get these errors when trying to start a new campaign or go into campaign editor. I tried unstalling and re-installing the game at least a dozen times but I always get the same errors. Can someone help me? The error message that says reading scenario is the same for both new game and campaign editor while the acces violation I get when starting a new campaign and the external exception I get when trying to into campaign editor
  2. It's started happening a lot since the last update, I generally play a custom scenario someone else made and since the update I keep getting this error midway through the primaries. It doesn't occur in the general election at all. @admin_270
  3. I'm in the process of making my own scenario when I notice this keeps happening during the primaries. I also got this right after. Any idea why it's doing this?
  4. jdm06ltd

    Convince Me!

    I got an email from @admin_270 about a subscription expiring. Convince me. Why is this worth more of my money than what I paid initially?
  5. I just recently upgraded from P4E2016 to PI and have tried playing the first few months of the Democratic Primary as Biden, and I have a few questions/comments: (1) I switched off Hillary and a few others, figuring the campaign would be pretty boring otherwise, and left Warner and Hickenlooper as "not seeking." Neither of them have entered the campaign, but the polls continue to list them and Warner always comes up with something like -100% chance of withdrawal if I try to make an offer to him. This has continued even after the states have begun voting. Is there a way to toggle the polls so they only display the candidates who are actually running? (2) Is there a date upon which everyone makes a final decision? IRL, I don't think anyone would still be included in polls or otherwise still be viewed as a possible candidate if they don't declare before the first few primaries. (3) Andrew Cuomo consistently seems to get a much better result than the polls would suggest, including in states where I have the daily tracking polling turned on. Has anyone else noticed results like this? Is the idea that someone gobbles up all the support that otherwise would have gone to undecided or not seeking candidates? (4) Two undecided Republican candidates, Perry and Thune, have a delegate each so far - is this a bug?
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