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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I am back! I promised a 2019 Alberta election scenario I think like last year but right when I was about to release it the official version came out and I forgot to keep up with the forum since then. I've spent time since then learning more about the 2015 engine and putting some old scenarios together. I am committed to following through this time so I hope to give out my email possibly so people can harass me for scenarios. So far I am focusing on scenarios from the 1990's - Ontario 1990, 1995 and Saskatchewan 1995, 1999 I have rough drafts for. The only thing I lack in is making maps, so my scenarios have slightly anachronistic maps with regional divisions based on current ridings. If anyone could help in that department a long with general feedback, it would be much appreciated. With some help I can begin dumping the finished scenarios very quickly. I can send people the Ontario scenario's I have, my Sask scenarios need more work, and I am starting up on Manitoba '88 and '90 soon. Is there a new engine for Canada 2019? I haven't looked into it too much, but adjusting to a newer engine wouldn't be too difficult I imagine.
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