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Found 1 result

  1. // scenario variables // campaign name Jefferson High Student Council elections - 2013 // campaign blurb Jefferson High School is a northern New York, nationally acclaimed, school in the International Baccalaureate program. The school is noted for its diversity of students, programs, and high academic standards. The school is also host to yearly student council elections which are noted even in the local media. The students have a total of five parties to choose from. The incumbent Progressive Democrats are being called out for the failed handling of a local carnival, but otherwise are popular with upperclassmen. The Jefferson Conservatives are a moderate conservative party which has been out of power for five years and hoping to show that moderate policies can lead the students to sucess. Walden is a left-leaning libertarian party which supports community involvement and social inclusion. The Christian Democrats are a controversial party which obtained a seat on the council for the first time last year and pushed for the removal of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club and tried to ban public displays of affection. Finally, the Objectivist Movement is a group of students who are influenced by Ayn Rand and hope to finally gain a seat on the student council. Which party will make waves in a exciting election year? // pic name for scenario (or can make this standarized) default // start date with primaries // year (numeric) // month (numeric) // day (numeric) 2013 1 1 // start date without primaries // year (numeric) // month (numeric) // day (numeric) 2013 9 23 // end date // year (numeric) // month (numeric) // day (numeric) 2013 10 18 // number of parties, note electorate_trends.p4e 5 // party names, note electorate_trends.p4e Progressive Democrats Jefferson Conservatives Walden Christian Democrats Objectivist Movement // party pic file names, these are in party folder ProgDems.bmp JeffCons.bmp Walden.bmp CD.bmp OM.bmp // party file names, these are in party folder ProgDems.txt JeffCons.txt Walden.txt CD.bmp OM.txt @interviewers // interviewers // profile // critical Humanist-Atheist Student Alliance 3 5 Math Department 2 2 Local News Five 5 5 Habitat for Humanity Club 3 2 PTA 4 4 Christian Cross Club (CCC) 3 3 Music Club 2 1 Jefferson High Student Newspaper 5 5 Local Radio Channel 101.5 5 4 Asian Club 4 2 Environment GREEN Club 3 1 @end interviewers @debates // year (numeric) // month (numeric) // day (numeric) // language (French or English) 2013 9 30 English @end debates @issues Athletics Bake Sales Carnival Scandal Community Outreach Council Powers Dress Code Electronics Policy Environment ESL Students and Policy Gay Rights Lunches Newspaper Public Display of Affection Religion School Safety Student Services Transportation Upperclassmen Privileges @end @initial economy // 1 - 5 4 @end // scenario money coefficient, 100 is 2004 30 @issue external events //Athletics Football and Basketball students are treated better Athletics programs are underfunded @ //Bake Sales "No Healthy Choices" says students Bake Sales are bringing in more money than ever! @ //Carnival Scandal Estimates say the loss of money wasn't that bad Estimates say the loss of money is twice as much @ //Community Outreach Jefferson students voulenteer more than any other school Jefferson finishes second to rival school in community outreach @ //Council Powers Council is deemed useless by local teachers union Student Council creates great job training program! @ //Dress Code Girl comes to school nearly naked, CCC is outraged! Liberal Dress Code actually creates a better learning environment, reports say @ //Electronics Policy Two students caught cheating on test using electronics, both expelled Mobile Phone is classroom allows student to call for medical help @ //Enivorment "Jefferson High pollutes more than any other school" experts say Jefferson High creates school garden, grows food for homeless @ //ESL Students and Policy ESL Students drag down testing scores Amount of ESL students doesn't affect test scores, and brings in grant for school @ //Gay Rights CCC club is being challenged by a local chapter of the ACLU! LGBTQAP students are widely accepted now! @ //Lunches "I think the food is great!" says History Club Leader Food makes students obese over time! @ //Newspaper The Journalism Club opens up more slots for wannabe poets Council will invest 50 more dollars a week for the Newspaper @ //Public Display of Affection Three Jefferson High Students are caught having sex "PDAs aren't hurting anyone" says History Club leader @ //Religion "Christianity should be the official religion of JHS" says CCC leader "Everyone should be able to practice religion or non religion freely" HASA @ //School Safety Student caught with knife and a gram of weed! Student crime rates have dropped to all time low! @ //Student Services "The benefits and clubs created by the council are failing" says JHS student The benefits and clubs create social inclusion, deminish number of outcasts @ //Transportation Some students applying for free bus passes are relatively wealthy Transportation and public buses to JHS to be extended! @ //Upperclassmen priviliges Upperclassmen are treated about the same as freshmen Upperclassmen fight to be the only ones to use the student lounge @ @end @issue position descriptions // left to right, 1 - 5 //Athletics Try to completely defund the athletics department Divert some funding away for Basketball, give to soccer team. The athletics department needs a small increase in funding. Fund the football and basketball teams more, they bring in money! Make the main focus of the school sports! @ //Bake Sales Bake sales? How about organic fresh fruit days! Ban on candy, allow for pastries and cakes. Ban on "sugar sticks", everything else is fine. Everything is fine. More bake sales! A bake sale everyday! @ //Carnival Scandal Carnivals are a capitalist by-product. Never again! Apologize for loss of money, promise better results next time. Leave Carnivals up to the seniors and PTA. Leave it to a conservative to handle a carnival! Bring in corporations, sponsors, and make a huge deal with the next one. @ //Community Outreach Mandate three hours of community service to 9th, four to 10th-12th grade. Create programs and ecourage students to help out in the community. Our community outreach is fine. Keep the students with one another, why "outreach" Don't associate with the more minority areas, or the poor... @ //Council Powers Try to become as powerful as a union or PTA. Increase power, show students and power means a better education system. Leave powers the way they are. Draw back powers, why fight for such small progress? Give all power back to adults, disband Council. @ //Dress Code Come nearly naked if you want. Allow more liberal wear for both sexes. Allow flip flops and open toe shoes for now. Increase the amount of things students can't wear. No dyeing hair or self expression, institute uniform. @ //Electronics Policy Let's see if we can get every student a laptop and mobile and let them bring it to class. Allow cell phones, not to be open in class. Laptops for taking notes. Allow for cell phones, not to be open in class. Only flip phones to enter school, nothing else. Nothing allowed in, bringing a phone in gets detention. @ //Envrionment Make school board create a mandatory Environmental studies class. The school garden is a sucess! Encourage helping out and understanding. Keep school garden open. Draw back some of the land given to the school garden. Global warming isn't even real! The garden isn't needed, give it to the CCC! @ //ESL Students and Policy Give extra points, awards and reconigition to non-english speaking students. Create extra funding and help program for ESL students. Keep ESL students, encourage diversity. Cap ESL students at 5% of total student body. Can't speak english? Then leave. @ //Gay Rights Mandate a class on LGBT and Feminist History. Gay-Straight Alliance, a progressive council, and pushing for equality has made JHS LGBT friendly! Support GSA and current NY laws. Gay marriage and protection may be in New York state but don't give the LGBT community more rights. Try to disband GSA. @ //Lunches Advocate for free lunches for everyone. Ban all unhealthy foods. Free lunch scheme should be expanded from 25% to 30% of students. Ban high sugary sodas. Keep the free lunch program the same. Draw back free lunch program from 25% to 20% of students. Allow for all foods. Draw back free lunch program from 25% to 5%. Make another 5% of students work off the lunches. @ //Newspaper Make the school ran newspaper a place for explict content. Free papers Increase the funding of the newspaper by 25 dollars a week. Charge a nickel. Increase the funding of the newspaper by 5 dollars over the next two years. Charge a dime. Keep funding the same, aim to cut costs and content. Charge a quarter Aim to eliminate the paper. What good is it anyway? @ //Public Display of Affection Allow for anything... Kissing and dating is fine. Nothing more. Dating and small signs of affection are fine. Dating is fine, nothing more. None. Focus on education! @ //Religion Establish a secular, atheist school. Let all faiths and non-faiths live in harmony! Allow the HASA and CCC to talk things out. Allow HASA to remain, but push for the CCC to lead school in weekly prayers. Christianity is official religion of JHS. @ //School Safety No metal dectors or searches. Freedom for all! Mandatory metal dector walk through in the morning. Mandatory metal dector walk through in the morning plus random bad searches. Metal dectors, bag searches, and more security guards. Scissors are a weapon! Metal dectors, bad searches, security guards and random locker checks. @ //Student Services Make student drivers class free. Also try to offer culinary class, nursing, and dancing classes. See if the council can offer a comprehensive free student drivers class. The student programs and opportunites are fine. End the job training program before it fails, its too much money! No programs at all! @ //Transportation Buy a bus and hire a driver get for JHS. Advocate at a city level for the 7, 8 and 10 bus route to make an alternative morning and evening route to JHS. Public transport is adequate, but we should try to get the 7 and 8 routes to make two extra rides a day. Public transport is fine. If you need public transport to get to school, then pay for it yourself. @ //Upperclassmen Priviliges No priviliges whatsoever. Reserve the student lounge for Juniors and Seniors for periods 1-4. Nothing more. Reserve the student lounge for Juniors and Seniors periods 1-4, and allow them to bend dress code. Student lounge for Juniors and Seniors periods 1-6, allow to bend dress code, and bring in sugary drinks. Student lounge just for Juniors and Seniors, bend dress code, bring in any food, and park wherever. Anyone wanna offer candidates or maps, I will be so thankful!
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