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Found 1 result

  1. Just discovered a free V Bucks cheat in real life guys this is epic. It takes a little bit of starting money to work though, and hopefully your character still has some after getting the recession debuff, or didn't spend it all on health potions after getting the COVID-19 moodlet. Trust me on this, my dad works for Nintendo. DISCLAIMER: This is only for those of us who picked "easy mode" at the start and spawned in the USA map. Ok first of all what you gotta do is have your guy take an online tax calculator for what you'd pay under Bidens tax plan. If your character has the "Boomer" trait then this might be difficult, but you can sell one of the houses your character bought dirt cheap in high school back in the 70s and pay someone to calculate it for you no biggie. Then after that calculate your Trump plan one and subtract it from your Biden one to get the difference. Here's where the plan works guys. You take the difference and you bet it on Biden winning the election. If he wins, you make money. If he loses, you'll save that much in taxes anyways (and if your character has low intelligence stats and accidentally bet too much, you might not even have to pay taxes) Hurry before @admin_270 patches this exploit. Literally free green gems. P.S. I have no idea what I'm talking about and I suck at this game.
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