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Found 3 results

  1. Game is broken & too easy to win!!! All to easy to win this game by just sitting on your ass and: * Shifting (depending on candidate chosen) your platform to the centre of national center & wearing the flip-flop negative momentum * Amassing debating & knowledge points & spin/command points etc After doing this you just set to 7 days/turn and hit auto-spin. With a few tweaks I just kept rolling as Tulsi Gabbard 2020 (a near-to-bottom-tier candidate) +WITHOUT EVEN SPENDING ON ADS OR CAMPAIGNING OR FUNDRAISING OR GROUND/TARGETTING Tulsi won 52/48 against Trump. I was on Medium difficulty + doing above all my opponents except 2 dropped out in Feb after being reamed by the end of the winter. I played primaries June 10 2019 + which of course gave me the time to do this. I love the way game incorporates the elements, but it does not seem to have been play-tested much & has a serious game balance problem that means it is not really a challenge if you play in the above way. Sure, it is harder to win if you carefully match your opponents moves (and not amassing personal attributes at the beginning), but it should not be possible to win the lazy way as described. IMHO the game needs to limit how much of a spin/command point advantage even a crap candidate can gain initially, as it should not be this easy to win in this way.
  2. So ever since 3.1 or so, after I updated from 2.82 or so, pre 3.1... bonuses haven't done anything. I give Trump a + or - in certain states, stays exactly the same. I also have the polling in the polls tab set to off. So the game is only running on region percentages. Also in the 2020 scenario, the outcome more or less is always the same regardless of a candidate or percentage. I gave Trump a 100% bonus in Alabama just to test it, nothing. What changed? I liked being able to just add a 5% bonus for a candidates homestate or a custom one I would make, but now, nothing happens. Thanks
  3. When the the end of the week news paper pops up, I see every other candidate be invited to interviews on fox news or Stephen Colbert show, I never see one where I am invited on a show. Is it random or is there something I am suppose to do?
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