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Found 2 results

  1. Thundercrat Nominees Sen. Chris Travers Mr. Unknown Greenland Mr. Darcy Richardson. Rep. J. J. Evans Rep. Randall Terry Gov. Sarah Palin (Basically names to the Allusions to the crowded field of candidates seen at the interview with Morbo) Plun-Darrcan Nominees President Richard Nixon Vice President Spiro Agnew I also have two third parties The Feministas with Turanga Leela and Al Gore, and the Beer Party with Bender Rodriguez. Ideas for more third parties(because why not) and a few more issues would be appreciated. Earth - 3012.zip
  2. I had the initiative not long ago to produce this scenario for fun and as a learning exercise. It is still an early work in progress and the main problem right now is balancing. I haven't worked on it too much recently, but I did play around with it today and thought it would be fun to share. The scenario is a very loose interpretation of the world and doesn't represent any particular point in the plot of the story. Combat skills have been translated to spin power. Electoral College votes are based on estimated population proportions/densities I found on the internet. It's just for fun, but I tried to have it make sense. If anyone does play, let me know how it goes and feel free to make suggestions or critiques. Or edit it to your own liking, I don't care. - - - - Westeros - 2000.rar
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