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Found 2 results

  1. OCTOBER Potential Republican Candidates - Trump (duh), Cruz, Kasich, Corker, Sasse, Flake Hypothetical Poll (If All Run) Trump - 36 Cruz - 10 Kasich - 10 Other - 3 Undecided - 40 Potential Democratic Candidates - Biden, Sanders, Harris, Gillibrand, Brown, Booker, McAuliffe, Patrick, Klobuchar, Hickenlooper, Edwards, Gabbard, Chafee, Bullock, Kerry, Steyer, Garcetti, O'Malley, Delaney Hypothetical Poll (If All Run) Biden - 14 Sanders - 10 Harris - 8 Booker - 7 Gillibrand - 4 McAuliffe - 3 Kerry - 3 Steyer - 3 Other - 9 Undecided - 40 General Election Democrat - 31 Republican - 29 Undecided - 40 Also of note, the Libertarian candidate is Adam Kokesh, and the Green candidate is Jill Stein, and both are polling at less than a half percent right now. AND SO IT BEGINS I am using VCCzar's 2020 mod Oct 3 - Paul Ryan admits Obamacare will never be repealed Oct 6 - Terrorism attacks in Africa Oct 7 - Graham calls on Trump to intervene in Africa Oct 8 - Dems split on Africa intervention & Trump tweets that he "won't pull a Bush" Oct 11 - Carter Page indicted Oct 12 - House Dems (majority now) call for impeachment, Trump calls it a witch hunt Oct 13 - 4/5 potential R candidates (Corker, Kasich, Flake, Sasse, not Cruz) call for impeachment Oct 15 - Biden wins Dem Debate, Klobuchar & Sanders also with good showings. Delaney only negative score Oct 16 - Trump calls renegade R's "traitors" Oct 21 - Report: Dems to schedule impeachment hearing Oct 23 - Putin visits White House
  2. Republicans. In march 2015 Ted Cruz Launched his bid for President as the Christian Right got a jump on the rest of the field. But the establishment would answer as Big Establishment Candidate Senator Lindsey Graham Announced his candidacy for President on April 1. Rand Paul wanting to continue his father's mission Announced on April 7. Paul and Graham annoouncing started the April Train. Establishment Governor Chris Christie Announced on April 10, Conservative Governor Scott Walker on April 12, April 17 Saw both Jeb Bush and his southern Rival marco Rubio announce. And on April 30 Retired Neorosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson announced his candidacy rounding out the April lineup. In May Outsiders Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. In June Ohio Governor John Kasich jumped into the Race, and the Christian right came up with 2 more candidates to compete with the establishment, they were former Senator Rick Santorum, and Former Governor Mike Huckabee, a Centrist from Arkansas. in june Rick Perry from Texas got into the race as a slightly more moderate and less religious answer to ted cruz. The last man to jump in the race was the Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal. I am playing as the Republicans. I will keep you updated.
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