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Found 2 results

  1. I asked this in a post in the Tips/Guides threads section and never saw replies, so I wanted to follow up on here. How can one truly dominate the opposition in games like Congress Infinity/Forever and the European/Canadian variants? I'm looking for good advice, not random bits of generic nonsense. True legend-level advice, stuff only veterans would know. If you can help out, please do. And please-don't waste yours/mine/everybody's time with stuff we all already know like Momentum or Focusing On Close races.
  2. Once I get Congress Forever 2014 I will be making scenarios of presidential elections. How I will do it will be like so; the state (or D.C) with the lowest total number of people who voted will get 1 seat and a state with twice that many people will get 2 seats etc. Since I'll be going by the total raw number of votes cast and nothing else a state that had more electoral votes could end up with less constituencies than a state where more people voted. I'll only include the Democrats and Republicans as they're the only parties who ever win. Having played the demo of Congress Forever 2012 I think that it has a better engine and I much prefer the British electoral system so I think this will be a great match even though nobody ever intended for it to happen. The scenario that gets the most votes will be the first one I make, 2nd votes 2nd and so on.
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