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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I am back! I promised a 2019 Alberta election scenario I think like last year but right when I was about to release it the official version came out and I forgot to keep up with the forum since then. I've spent time since then learning more about the 2015 engine and putting some old scenarios together. I am committed to following through this time so I hope to give out my email possibly so people can harass me for scenarios. So far I am focusing on scenarios from the 1990's - Ontario 1990, 1995 and Saskatchewan 1995, 1999 I have rough drafts for. The only thing I lack in is making maps, so my scenarios have slightly anachronistic maps with regional divisions based on current ridings. If anyone could help in that department a long with general feedback, it would be much appreciated. With some help I can begin dumping the finished scenarios very quickly. I can send people the Ontario scenario's I have, my Sask scenarios need more work, and I am starting up on Manitoba '88 and '90 soon. Is there a new engine for Canada 2019? I haven't looked into it too much, but adjusting to a newer engine wouldn't be too difficult I imagine.
  2. I've been working on Alberta 2015 scenario ever since the provincial election a few weeks ago and have completed a beta version using the Canada 2011 engine. The candidate names and ridings should all be correct at this point, and I made a few modifications to issues and stances to take account of the provincial context. The file is available here: http://www.filedropper.com/alberta2015beta This did involve a fair amount of guesswork on my part (I'm not Canadian and only really followed the election at the very end). I mostly tried to extrapolate from the Alberta 2008 scenario for 270soft's Alberta Premier Forever game. I'd definitely appreciate some feedback, especially if anyone has any suggestions on the following: Should any of the issue stance descriptions be changed? Similarly, any suggestions regarding leaders' stances or issue centers for the different regions? If anyone knows how to create media markets for the Canada 2011 engine, I'd really like to know how to do it - I suspect it isn't really possible to run a television ad only in certain parts of Edmonton but not others, for example. The game starts with a small poll lead for the PCs with the NDP and Wildrose roughly tied. This was based on what I found regarding the polling from late March/early April combined with the conventional wisdom at the time that the PCs would probably pull out another win. Right now there are no alternate leaders. I'm thinking about adding Alison Redford for the PCs and Danielle Smith for the Wildrose, but would the latter probably be better as an alternate scenario where most of the Wildrose defections never happened, as opposed to just having her as an alternate leader? Anyway, any and all feedback is welcome!
  3. I'm making a 1993 election scenario for Prime Minister forever 2011. It's 98% done. The part is done that shows you the parties you can pick from and each of the discriptions of the leaders. But when I pick my party and go through the part I just talked about i get a message that says "'=66960'is not a valid floating point value." Could some one tell me what this means and how I can fix it?
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