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Found 2 results

  1. President George Bush is coming off of a successful military victory and entering a recession. Can he win renomination after breaking his "no new taxes" pledge and alienating the conservative Republican base? Republican Candidates: George H. W. Bush(on) Pat Buchanan(on) David Duke(on) Ron Paul (off) Harold Stassen (on) Democratic Candidates: Bill Clinton (on) Jerry Brown (on) Paul Tsongas (on) Bob Kerrey (on) Tom Harkin (on) Independent Candidates: Ross Perot (will be added) and more will be implemented as I get more feedback. If you are interested in trying the beta version, please provide your email address in this forum or PM me and I will send the file to you via email. Instructions to save file. Click documents. Click President Forever 2016 Click User Scenarios Save file. To play the scenario: Right click on "United States-1992's file. Click "extract all". After performing these steps, you should be good to go, however, if you continue to have issues, let me know in this forum OR send me a private message with the issue and I will look into it,
  2. Hillary Clinton successfully elected in 2008, is facing strong opposition in her own party and the GOP due to 4 years of failed policies, unpopular with the American people. Hillary is struggling in the primaries, and the possibility of winning her party’s nomination is grim. Can she win? Or will another candidate replace her? U.S Election 2012- Women Edition features many endorsers, and specifically women candidates only. Feedback and ideas is welcomed. You can try the scenario at: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2013/12/08/u-s-presidential-election-2012-2/
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