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Found 4 results

  1. We're doing (me and @LoggingOut) a mod of the next italian general election. The official date is 2023. As you can read from the title this is a BETA so I make a list of what is and what is missing in this first version: 12 parties with their leaders and deputies Map with all the regions Realistic opinion poll And more... What's missing and errors: Some borders problem with Emilia-Romagna An error screen appears in the last days of the campaign No debates and endorsments If you can try it and tell us what to improve we will be grateful!
  2. After spending close to a billion dollars during his campaign with only a victory in American Samoa to show for all that ad time, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg decides to throw in the towel and support Joe Biden Michael Bloomberg suspends presidential campaign (from ABC News)
  3. What is the maximum number of parties that I can put into a campaign?
  4. I I am starting work on a scenario (I have been practicing/playing with it since we could make our own.) I would love feedback, collaboration, ideas, any events, advice on candidates/VP candidates. 2016 Presidential Election (A Normal One) Once again, Americans will go to the polls. In 2016, parties are facing both contested primaries. The polls show most want something in addition to a campaign on the issues. Will a dark horse candidate emerge sending a message to the dynasties on both sides? With the ending of the Obama years’ fast approaching will it be a Republican to occupy
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