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Found 8 results

  1. Decided I am going to get in on the barrage of individuals creating 2020 campaigns. First off, this campaign won't have events. It's a future campaign so we won't know what events will take place in the future. The events were designed to be external and not internal events to the campaign. That's my main issue with how some people have been incorperating events into 2020, 2016, and other campaigns. Here are the candidates I have thus far: GOP: Pres. Trump Sen. Cruz Gov. Kasich Sen. Paul Sen. Ernst Dem: Sen. Klobuchar Sen. Booker Sen. Harris Gov. Bullock Sec. Castro Sen. Heinrich Sen. Gillibrand Rep. Kennedy Sen. Warren (Off) VP Biden (Off) Sen Sanders (Off) Gov O'Malley (Off) Sec Clinton (Off) For now I am not touching the Libertarian & Green tickets. I am leaving McMullin as an independent option for now. I deleted Bloomberg. I intend to add (I am focusing on Democrats since their primary, at the moment, looks like it will be much more open than the Republican side might be): Sen. Murphy Sen. Masto Sen. Duckworth Rep. Gabbard Sec. Kander
  2. I'm gonna add more to it over time. This is like version 0.0.1 lmao. I added 2 Republican candidates (Rick Snyder and Rick Scott) and a few issues (Russia, The Hollywood Sexual Assault stuff and the Roy Moore stuff). I'm gonna add a lot more candidates and issues. Its weird how much our political landscape has changed in a year lol. https://www.mediafire.com/file/38azocz99dc6tni/United States - 2020 Potential.rar United States - 2020 Potential.rar
  3. First topic, but had the idea and thought why not. Has anybody ever proposed the idea of an original character candidate game? As in a custom President Infinity game that collates everyone's made-up character into one sim, as opposed to just lifting users/rehashing the same old Trumps and Clintons. Wasn't sure what the RP vibe was like on her but thought it could possibly be a good idea for anyone that's interested in that sorta thing.
  4. Please leave feedback. Tied into the UAE 2020 Presidential scenario *Sorry for the wait. I'm lazy, plus school started, the midterm elections will probably take a month to come.
  5. I am less than a day away from finishing my first scenario for a series i'm working on. The overview is that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency but is unpopular so she is challenged in her own primary while the Republicans are splintered between their own candidates, a splinter party comprised of Tea Party supporters, a popular Libertarian party, and a new Party known as the American party. This scenario completely disregards the real life 2016 election. Anyone interested?
  6. Announcing a new campaign - What if all candidates ran as independents and we literally had a five or six-way race in the general? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/10/22/2016-all-independents/ I also updated my Libertarian 2020 campaign (maybe I should change that name at this point) to reflect what I think may feel regardless of the current election - the fracturing of both the Democrats (spinning off the Globalist Party which then merges with the Green Party) and Republicans (spinning off the Trumpian Populist Nationalists and the Ted Cruz / Mike Lee Constitutional Conservatives. I'm still experimenting with the percentages, as I'm trying to do this such that when combining the Liberal (Dem, Glob) and Conservative (GOP, Const, PopNat), their totals are competitive with each other. The establishment Democrat and Republican parties have taken major hits. If you have any suggestions for candidates for these parties, please let me know. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/09/14/2020-the-libertarian-revolution/
  7. This poll is for a 2020 campaign I'm working on. What category would you place the following potential GOP candidates in? (select one or more). I may have to split this in several polls since I can only do three at a time.
  8. Hello I'm thinking of making a scenario where Bernie Sanders wins in 2016, he chooses Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio as his running mate narrowly defeating Sen. Marco Rubio and his running mate Gov. Brian Sandoval. If you have any ideas for the Republicans? So far I have... Gov. Mike Pence Sen. Kelly Ayotte Sen. John Thune Sen. Tom Cotton Gov.Bobby Jindal Mr. Donald Trump Jr. Sen. Marco Rubio (off) Gov. Scott Walker (off)
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