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Found 2 results

  1. I am making a Utah Governor race scenario and am having trouble getting the portraits/pictures for the candidates. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  2. Update: State power shifted - The map has been updated based on Trump's rather consistent Republican direction. As such, the weaknesses I projected for him in extremely conservative areas, or in very moderate conservative areas have been stabilized. Libertarian Party has been diminished, which has bolstered the Republicans. - Additionally, voting trends have been looked into a lot more. Ohio goes from tossup to Red. Minnesota and Arizona are added as tossups. - Democrats slightly bolstered by the diminishing of Green and Libertarian parties, in states in which Libertarians probably drained slightly more from Democrats -- i.e. Maine, Washington, Oregon. Green Party has been diminished with the idea that the more practical ideas from the Sanders wing will be adopted for party unity, as well as some impractical ones which would be purposely unfullfilled as campaign promises, unless Dems get a supermajority in Congress. Simulations (10 elections each): Overall, Trump wins reelection most of the time, but, as in 2016, the majority of the people voting against him most of the time in every scenario. Starbucks CEO teamed with Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida stands the greatest chance of defeating Trump: - Trump/Pence def. Warren/Castro 7 to 3, but with Warren averaging a higher popular vote %. - Trump/Pence def. Booker/Gabbard 7 to 2, with 1 tie. Booker averaging a high popular vote% - Trump/Pence def. Gillibrand/Sherrod Brown 7 to 3, with Gillibrand averaging a higher pop vote% - Trump/Pence def. Clinton/Gavin Newsom 6 to 4, with Clinton averaging a higher pop vote% - Trump/Pence def. Franken/Kyrsten Sinema 9 to 1, with Franken averaging a higher pop vote% - Trump/Pence def. Newsom/Booker 7 to 3, with Newsom averaging a higher pop vote % - Starbucks CEO Schultz/Bill Nelson ties Trump/Pence 5 to 5, with Schultz averaging higher in the pop vote% - Trump/Pence def. Biden/Buttigieg 6 to 3, with 1 tie. Biden averages a higher pop vote%
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