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  1. Michigan Republican-turned-Independent Congressman Justin Amash has apparently launched an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian nomination for President at their convention in Austin (originally scheduled for May but delayed with an replacement date TBA) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/elections-2020/justin-amash-launches-exploratory-committee-for-libertarian-presidential-bid/ar-BB13l4p0?ocid=U142DHP
  2. Yes, you read that right. 12.5 BILLION dollars after one week of fundraising. I changed my stance on basically every policy to pander to the Iowa voters, which gave me -130 momentum. Coupled with my 0% of the vote in this start date and I think I stackoverflowed into negative voters or something. Anyways, now that I'm richer than Donald Trump it's time to go win an election.
  3. I've use our list from the previous poll to help rank the potential Democratic candidates. Here's the top 10. A. Frontrunner none B. Initial Competitors 1. VP Joe Biden (DE) - Has name recognition and personality to appeal to voters. His issues are his age, his ties to the establishment, and the fear that some sort of MeToo scandal could erupt at some point, considering how touchy-feely Biden is. Nevertheless, he has the personality to combat Trump, and he's the person to save Obama's legacy. ***Most likely going to run*** 2. Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) - Easily the mo
  4. Here's a minor update to the 2020 Scenario: I've improved Trump's corruption by 1, since I had it at the highest level. This will revert back only if he start to face trial or conviction for issues regarding corruption and collusion. Flake has been turned OFF; Only Kasich remains as a challenger. Numerous Democrats have been turned ON and OFF. I am using the recent Washington Post article for this update to determine which Democrats are likely running. I don't expect as many power players to run, but it makes for an interesting scenario for the time being. Here is the
  5. I need some help with the Free Trade Platform Stances. I will show you what I currently have, and then show you two of @thr33's suggested alternatives. Default stance (from December 2016 when I made the scenario): Far-Left: Protect American Labor; punish companies that send jobs overseas Left: Increase taxes on companies that send jobs overseas; free trade must include labor and environmental conditions. Center-Left: Consider new free trade deals carefully, and create incentives to keep jobs in America. Center: Free Trade is doing fine as is. The American corpor
  6. I've decided to update the endorsers in my 2020 election, since I hadn't done so since November or December 2016, which has allowed for some Governors and Senators that are unlikely to serve in those positions, since rumors have changed. I'd say I changed about 15 of the endorsers. This will be included in the update, whenever I post it.
  7. The Historical Scenario Commission updates for 1992-2020 are now completed! The HSC has updated 1788-2020; thus, all of our elections are now playable with many what-if options, events, endorsers, etc. This concludes this round of updates. *Note: There will be one last "Final" update, which will likely take up all of 2018 to finish. This final update will go over every minute detail of these scenarios, perfecting and improving them. Your feedback will help towards this update. I hope some of you will volunteer. Only fully committed, determined forum users apply.
  8. Here are the Democrats: Number system for traits 5 - Legendary 4 - Great 3 - Average 2 - Sub-par 1 - Abysmal Joe Biden Lead: 4 Exp: 4 Int: 4 IF: 4 Cha: 3 Sta: 2 Deb: 4 Idealogue: 3 Ambition: 2 Overall Campaign: Strong -- 3's and 2's Bernie Sanders Lead: 3 Exp: 4 Int: 5 IF: 4 Cha: 3 Sta: 2 Deb: 4 Idealogue: 5 Ambition: 4 Overall Campaign: Strong -- 3's and 2's, but a 5 in
  9. I'm opening up a discussion on candidate abilities. Remember this scenario assume Trump is facing impeachment proceedings while on campaign. Please offer your feedback and suggestions on candidate abilities: Number system for traits 5 - Legendary 4 - Great 3 - Average 2 - Sub-par 1 - Abysmal Donald Trump Lead: 3 Exp: 4 Int: 1 IF: 4 Cha: 4 Sta: 4 Deb: 2 Idealogue: 2 Ambition: 5 Overall Campaign: Strong -- 3's and 2's, except for a 5 in spin. Is hurt by a 5 in corruption. John Kasich Lead: 4
  10. As you know, I posted my updated 2020 Election, which I will continue to update. Please post your feedback and suggestions for improvement here. I know, for instance, that I should update the campaign issues, and some of the potential endorsers, as well as add some candidate. Currently, I've been adding some more Events. I will probably have one event per day to make it appear like a real Trump-era news cycle. What's funny is one of my events-to-add was "Trump fires Bannon" on July 19, 2019. I've since changed that to, "Bannon's Back! Trump makes controversial Steve Bannon as new C
  11. 2020 Election The likely to be impeached, but not convicted, Donald Trump goes into full campaign mode for reelection. However, unlike most incumbent presidents, Trump faces a tough primary challenges as constant inter-party foe John Kasich has been creating a campaign apparatus since 2017. Ben Sasse, another vocal critic, aims to hold Nebraska delegates from Trump, as Lindsey Graham hopes to do the same with South Carolina. Susan Collins has a chance of holding the entirety of New England from Trump. Jon Huntsman enters to hold Utah's votes. Collectively these favorite-son candidates are
  12. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/08/09/2020-presidential-election/ If you downloaded my new scenario under the earlier post, please go back and download the updated version. There was a glitch that made Cory Booker give Donald Trump 99% of the Wisconsin vote. I've fixed this. Thanks to @NYrepublican for catching it.
  13. You can download it here: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/12/11/2020-presidential-election/ It is still a work in progress, but is highly playable. Feedback is desired.
  14. The following are the start-off general election positions for Trump vs. random Democrats, according to my 2020 scenario: 1. Trump/Pence vs. Biden/Castro = Trump advantage 270 EVs to 252 EVs (16 tossup from Michigan). Biden leads with 3% in PV, and has PA and NC. 2. Trump/Pence vs. Sanders/ShBrown = Trump advantage 279 EVs to 227 EVs (32 tossups from MI, MN, NV). Sanders leads with 2% in PV, and has WI. 3.Trump/Pence vs. Warren/ShBrown = Trump advantage 266 EVs to 233 EVs (39 tossups from FL and MI). Warren leads with 1% in PV. 4. Trump/Pence vs. Booker/Sanders = Trump a
  15. Here's another thing that could use your feedback -- candidate strengths! My 2020 election assumes that even Republicans are getting tired of Trump and, since Democrats are nearly as unpopular as Republicans as a whole, that Republicans challenging Trump is a realistic possibility. Trump approval rating is about 34% in this. He is facing likely impeachment (but probably not removal). Democrats have failed to excite their base, and have failed to win over reluctant Trump voters. Outside of Trump's base, Republicans hope for a change. Both primaries, and the general election as well, are to
  16. Please rank the following 10 candidates in order of whom you are most likely to support with your preferred president at the top and your least desired president at the bottom. Please use only these 10. Sen. Al Franken of MN Sen. Bernie Sanders of VT Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA Fmr VP Joe Biden of DE Sen. Cory Booker of NJ Gov. Terry McAuliffe of VA Gov. John Kasich of OH Pres. Donald Trump of NY Sen. Rand Paul of KY Sen. Ted Cruz of TX [The above list is my ranking, btw]
  17. Here are some more issues, with candidate stances. Please let me know if anything should be changed. FL: Defense spending should be reduced to focus on other things.; No overseas deployment. [Sanders] L: The armed forces using too much of our budget. Cancel unneeded future weapons systems. [Paul, Garcetti, Warren, Grayson, Newsom] CL: Reorganize the armed forces to deal with modern threats. Avoid ground troops for drones and rockets, and cut down on ground troops currently in use. [Biden, McAuliffe, O'Malley, KHarris, Castro, Gabbard, Bullock, Steyer, Booker, Gillibrand, ShBrow
  18. Here's another 2020 Election issue, along with candidate positions. Let me know if anything needs to be altered. FL: Terrorism will be reduced if we stop meddling in other country's affairs. Civil liberties are important. [Paul] L: Work with the UN to build an anti-terrorism strategy [Sanders, Warren, Newsom] CL: Focus on multilateral foreign policy aimed at engaging terrorism. Protect civil liberties. [Biden, McAuliffe, O'Malley, Chafee, KHarris, Castro, Edwards, Bullock, Garcetti, Steyer, Booker, Gillibrand, ShBrown, Schultz, Grayson, Buttigieg, Cuomo, Moulton] C: Focus
  19. Here's another 2020 issue w/ candidate positions. Let me know if I should alter anything. Thanks. FL: The environment should be our first national priority to combat global warming/climate change. Expand National Park System. Large government programs and regulations. L: The environment and gobal warming is a major concern. Ratify Kyoto. Increase environmental regulations and pollution cleanup. [Biden, Sanders, O'Malley, KHarris, Gabbard, Garcetti, Steyer, Schultz, ShBrown, Warren, Newsom, Booker, Gillibrand, Heinrich, Grayson, HClinton, Franken, Cuomo, Moulton] CL: We need to
  20. Here is another 2020 issue, w/ candidate positions. Let me know if I should change anything. FL: LGBT equality is a fundamental human right. [Sanders, Newsom, Buttigieg, Garcetti, Warren, Moulton] L: LGBT equality is a constitutional right. [Biden, O'Malley, Chafee, KHarris, Gabbard, Steyer, Schultz, Heinrich, Grayson, ShBrown, Booker, Gillibrand, Cuomo, Franken] CL: LGBT rights must be upheld, even if not in name. However, state level efforts should also be supported. [Paul, Collins, McAuliffe, Castro, Edwards, Bullock, HClinton] C: If the states want to pass LGBT legislat
  21. If you look at the other posts in this Campaign Creation thread, you can see all the 2020 issues I'm using, as well as candidate positions. Please go through all of them and offer feedback if you wish. Here are the candidates in the game from most liberal to most conservative. Bernie Sanders -2.4 Elizabeth Warren -2.0 Gavin Newsom -1.8 Eric Garcetti -1.7 Sherrod Brown -1.6 Seth Moulton -1.6 Tulsi Gabbard -1.5 Alan Grayson -1.5 Kamala Harris -1.5 Andrew Cuomo -1.5 Al Franken -1.4 Julian Castro -1.4 Kirsten Gillibrand -1.3
  22. Here's another 2020 issue, w/ candidate positions. Let me know if anything should be altered. FL: Ban all guns! L: We need gun control! Ban certain guns. Require registration/background checks. Gun control protects children. [Biden, Warren, KHarris, Newsom, Gabbard, Garcetti, Steyer, Schultz, Booker, ShBrown, HClinton, Franken, Cuomo, Moulton] CL: The right to bear arms, but only responsibly! Ban assault rifles, require registration/background checks. [Sanders, McAuliffe, O'Malley, Castro, Gillibrand] C: Gun control is a state issue. Responsible gun ownership is fine. [Hun
  23. Here's another issue w/ candidate positions. Let me know if anything should change. FL: Forgive all student loans immediately; pass legislation to make public colleges free or inexpensive [Sanders, Warren] L: Forgive student loans after 10 years of income-based repayment; pass legislation to make college affordable [Gabbard, Garcetti, ShBrown, Grayson, Newsom, Moulton] CL: Forgive student debt after 20 years of income-based repayment; work to make college affordable [Biden, McAuliffe, O'Malley, KHarris, Castro, Steyer, Schultz, Booker, Gillibrand, Cuomo, Heinrich, Fra
  24. Here's another 2020 issue, along with candidate positions. Let me know if anything should be amended. FL: No compromise with conservatives; gridlock preferable to compromise. [Warren] L: Work with Republicans when they are willing to work on Progressive issues [Sanders, O'Malley, Gabbard, Garcetti, ShBrown, Grayson, Franken, Newsom, Moulton] CL: Work with Republicans to fulfill our agenda [McAuliffe, Castro, KHarris, Booker, Gillibrand, HClinton, Buttigieg, Cuomo] C: We must work together on everything for the American people; sometimes we have to let the opposition win [H
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