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Found 2 results

  1. This update includes the following: Booker is turned ON, Flake, Ojeda, Inslee are now turned OFF. Flake says he will not run. Ojeda dropped out. Inslee actually hasn't officially explored a run. Kasich is still ON, only because Trump wins in a landslides without an opponent in the primaries, since Democrats destroy themselves while Trump can just sit unscathed. Kasich is ON only for the game to run somewhat realistically. Polls have been updated. Endorsers have all been set to endorse only positions that are realistic for them to endorse. Third Parties are OFF b
  2. For my 2020 election, I'm trying to gather various opinions on candidate strengths in each state. I have already updated and set polls, but want to get second opinions. If you have the time and desire, please answer the following questions. Who is likely to have more support in July 2019 during the primary polls in the following states? Please do not select people that you hope or want to be winning in the polls at the time. Select only those that you think are more likely to be winning in the polls, regardless of whether or not you like the candidate. 1. Alabama Dem: Booker,
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