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Found 9 results

  1. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/05/11/2018-ny-gubernatorial/ NYGopGuy/NYJim77, happy to finally be getting involved in the community. A couple of months ago I created an early rendition of the 2018 NY Gubernatorial Election using a previously posted 2010 scenario, but not so accurate as to candidates and information. It was also early in the race, so candidates who never ran full, successful campaigns were involved. I updated the scenario with the projected final nominees, fixed percentages, endorsements, and events. Hope you enjoy.
  2. I first started in the Republican primaries on the Texas succession scenario, I played as George W. Bush who starts the Republican Primary as the front runner. I won every contest and chose Rick Perry as my Vice-Leader since he did second best in the primaries. Once I went into the general it started exactly like how the map looks on the picture, and for the longest of time it stayed that way for a while. I figured the only way to win was hoping the senate would pick me, since 100 delegates is needed to win the presidency. Luckily in the end the Republican senate chose me. I kind of won the e
  3. I'm new to the forum community, but I've created a (decent, IMO) 2018 campaign for the NY Gubernatorial Election. Problem being, it was created entirely from "NYrepublican" 's 2010 Gubernatorial Election upload - just with updated candidates, parties, etc. Would this be ethical to upload so long as I give them credit?
  4. With Incumbent Senator Bob Corker retiring and the political landscapes favoring the anti-establishment candidates, many political strategists are seeing this race as very competitive. Marsha Blackburn, well-known conservative activist and representative of Tennessee's 6th Congressional District, has declared her candidacy. In her announcement, she cited her frustration with how many Senate Republicans act like Democrats, and the intention to make the Republican majority act as one. Andy Ogles, former Director of the Tennessee chapter of Americans for Prosperity, has also declared his candidac
  5. I think Brown's blue collar appeal will keep him safe.
  6. I think Brown's blue collar appeal will keep him safe.
  7. Hello everybody, pretty much this is my first important post in this forum. I am a huge fan of President Infinity, I own President Forever 2008+Primaries, and Campaigns Forever. I have been creating a series of NON-US campaigns since there was only a President Forever 2008+Primaries and the newly introduced option of the popular vote makes all my scenarios available for everyone. So at this moment, I am presenting to you the "Colombian 2018 Presidential Election"(First Round) and the "Colombian 2018 Presidential Election Run Off"(Second Round) - "Colombian 2018 Presidentia
  8. Description: After the controversial 2016 election the buckeye state looks to replace the popular Governor John Kasich. However it seems on both the Republican and Democratic sides there is a civil war for the soul of their respective parties. Candidates Republican: Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor (on) Attn.Gen. Mike DeWine (on) Sec. Jon Husted (on) Rep. Jim Renacci (on) Gov. John Kasich (off) (for what if) Democratic: Fmr State Rep. Connie Pillich (on) State Rep. Joe Schiavoni (on) Fmr Rep. Betty Sutton (on) Mayor Man Whaley (on)
  9. I've made some updates to the 2018 House of Representatives campaign on the Campaigns page. 1. Updated incumbents Added special election winners Updated committee chairs Input some newly-declared challengers 2. MAGA Party Challenging moderate/liberal Republicans On ballot in districts where... Trump carried by 20+ points and either Democrat incumbent or GOP under 80% by Heritage Scorecard 3. "TBD" in districts where GOP/Dem has targeted but no formal declared candidates. Non-targeted districts are "off ballot" if no one has declared. 4. If DCC
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