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Found 5 results

  1. I've been spending a lot of time working on a new PI scenario, the 2017 Virginia governor's race. As one of only two gubernatorial elections in 2017, the Virginia race is going to be watched heavily by the media and by the nation as a referendum on Donald Trump's first year in office. In this important battleground state, who will prevail? Will the Democrats continue to hold this important seat? Can the Republicans reclaim the seat they almost won in 2013? Can the Libertarians have another breakthrough, or possibly even win? Much remains to be found out. As of 4/16/2017, I am around 35% complete. There are tons more counties and independent cities that need to be added, a few more candidates (and what-if candidates), primaries, popular vote, and other tweaks needed before this is released. Here are a few screenshots from the current build: Of course, the percentages are not accurate yet because not all the regions have been added. When that happens it'll be more realistic. Current candidates: (R) Mr. Ed Gillespie (R) Spvr. Corey Stewart (R) Rep. Rob Wittman (R) Rep. Barbara Comstock (off) (R) Fmr. Att. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli (off) (R) Fmr. Rep. Eric Cantor (off) (D) Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) Fmr. Rep. Tom Perriello (D) Rep. Gerry Connolly (off) (L) Robert Sarvis (L) Bill Redpath Candidates not yet added but will eventually be added: (R) State Sen. Frank Wagner (D) Fmr. Sec. Anne Holton (D) Att. Gen. Mark Herring This is in an early stage, so please give suggestions for candidates and issues I can add!
  2. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/10/11/new-jersey-gubernatorial-2017/
  3. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/10/11/new-jersey-gubernatorial-2017/ UPDATE 6-11-17: Updated with primary election winners: Lt. Gov. Gim Guadagno (R) and Phil Murphy (D) Added Libertarian, Green Party and Constitution Party nominees Updated electoral votes Huntington-Hill with “Wyoming Rule” 4 seats/county 225 seats total Updated region percentages 30% from NJ 2013 Governor 35% from 2016 POTUS 35% Senate 2014) Added issues: NJEA (Teacher Union) & Bridgegate Just for fun – added Andrew Wilkow from Sirius XM as an independent candidate ?
  4. Information For the past week or so, I've been working on a scenario for Prime Minister Infinity which is based on upcoming UK 2017 General Election. The scenario is based on the map used in the 2015 scenario provided with the game. All of the polling data was provided by the Electoral Calculus. Every party leader has been added or changed - Conservatives have Theresa May - Labour have Jeremy Corbyn - Lib Dems have Tim Farron - UKIP have Paul Nuttall Just to name a few All polling data has come from Electoral Calculus, you can view the full polling data below using the GE 2017 spreadsheet. Attached are also some images from the scenario, sample 1 looks at the starting map, sample 2 is a newspaper and sample 3 is election night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation 1. Download the file here or use the attachment below 2. Find your main Prime Minister Infinity folder - Right click on your Prime Minister Infinity desktop icon and click "open file location" 3. Go to the "scenarios" folder 4. Click and drag the "United Kingdom - 2017" folder into the "scenarios" folder 5. Open Prime Minister Infinity, new game, change campaign and select "United Kingdom - 2017" 6. Pick and party and win ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contains Partys and leaders: Conservatives - Theresa May Labour Party - Jeremy Corbyn Liberal Democrat - Tim Farron UK Independence Party - Paul Nuttall Green Party - Caroline Lucas Scottish National Party - Nicola Sturgeon Plaid Cymru - Leanne Wood Democratic Unionist Party - Arlene Foster Sinn Féin - Gerry Adams SDLP - Colum Eastwood Ulster Unionist - Robin Swann Alliance - Naomi Long Other - Leader of a Minor Party Spectator - Spectator Events Ransomware Cyberattack - Boosts National Security - 4 days Manchester Terror Attack - Boosts National Security - 9 days Debates ITV Debate - 18th May - Invited: SNP, Lib Dem, Plaid Cymru, Green and UKIP Sky News with Paxman - 29th May - Invited: Conservatives and Labour BBC Debate - 31st May - Invited: All major parties BBC Debate - 2nd June - Invited: Conservatives and Labour BBC Debate - 4th June - Invited: SNP and Lib Dem BBC Debate - 6th June - Invited: All parties 2017.zip UK GE 2017.xlsx
  5. Former Governor Robert Bentley's appointment of Luther Strange, the Alabama Attorney General over impeachment hearings that were ultimately delayed, is being questioned. Many citizens across the aisle believes this appointment was a result of Strange's role in the impeachment hearings. While the intent of this election was to occur during the year of 2018, the dynamics have since changed, to "adhere to state law". Acting Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has ordered moving the special election to 2017, in which the successor will serve until 2021. Who is going to succeed former Senator Jeff Sessions?
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