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  1. I I am starting work on a scenario (I have been practicing/playing with it since we could make our own.) I would love feedback, collaboration, ideas, any events, advice on candidates/VP candidates. 2016 Presidential Election (A Normal One) Once again, Americans will go to the polls. In 2016, parties are facing both contested primaries. The polls show most want something in addition to a campaign on the issues. Will a dark horse candidate emerge sending a message to the dynasties on both sides? With the ending of the Obama years’ fast approaching will it be a Republican to occupy
  2. So recently I was able to get together a few friends from high school and we were briefly discuss any what if last year's presidential candidates were sorted into the Hogwarts houses. This all started because we all agreed that Jeb Bush is the definition of a Hufflepuff. This is what we had Gryffindor John Kasich Bernie Sanders Marco Rubio Slytherin Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Ted Cruz Chris Christie Hufflepuff Jeb Bush Rand Paul Martin O'Malley Gary Johnson Ravenclaw Carly Fiorinna Lincoln Chafee
  3. I've recently come into a good bit of free time, so I have a proposition for everyone here, the more the merrier and I'm certainly not opposed to as many as 10-12 people. What I'm proposing is a forum wide, actual President Infinity multiplayer game handled by myself. We would be playing the 2016 election and starting at either the first or default start date. Ideally we will have candidates claimed in both major parties, but doesn't the idea of taking down another real person for the nomination just sound so amazing? I will be narrating on the events and coming up with story lines
  4. Thinking of adding Kasich and Sanders as 3rd party options to defeat Clinton and Trump in the general. Would you say a 10-18% share of the vote would be fair for them seeing it would be the two most popular candidates that ran against the two most unpopular?
  5. so close XD yet so far. by one electoral vote LOL
  6. Technical notes: I will be using Jonathan Kudelka's latest scenario and I will be playing as Illuminati. Despite my Illuminati powers, I won't be using them to influence the election because, plot twist! I already did from the get go by choosing the candidates It'll be interesting to see what the AI will do and which states will be heavily contested. The last time I did this it was a quick one between Trump and Clinton and Hillary lost everywhere but Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Another technical note: I will remember to save all the time and if I don't get the dreaded error messag
  7. So, I'm very interested in starting up a project to create some of the swing Senate elections for 2016, particularly New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. I have seen/played the Nevada and Arizona scenarios and really enjoyed them, however, I've only ever made scenarios with the general election map, and they were for my eyes only. I'd really appreciate feedback/pointers as I get this started!
  8. Does Sanders - a socialist, Independent Senator from Vermont - have the grass-roots support to propel a bid and take the Democratic nomination - and then the Presidency? Hopefully, if I play the cards correctly. Wish me luck everyone and I shall keep you informed along the way. Note: I changed Sanders Platform with the campaign editor to my political views, I also will be playing on Hard, I'll post the platform soon. Should I update you on a day to day basis or a weekly basis? Please feel free to comment and tell who you are rooting for, even if it is for my opponent, also fe
  9. How do I add the 2016 update ? (http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/11/10/2016-general-election-daily-poll-updates/) I downloaded it but I don't know how to add it because it isn't a new scenario, just added features
  10. Here is the result of my first attempt to win 538 electoral votes on Hard. Rules that I set were to use the unmodified game with no changes. No changes to who is running, set on hard. I Selected Huckabee as my candidate and the earliest starting primary date offered as the start date. I won Iowa and NH, but lost SC, NV, and all by a couple of the Super Tuesday states. I then won all the states after except for a surprise loss in Indiana by less than 1 percent. The advantage of being a republican candidate is the winner-take-all for the later primaries ended my race earlier giving me an a
  11. Republicans. In march 2015 Ted Cruz Launched his bid for President as the Christian Right got a jump on the rest of the field. But the establishment would answer as Big Establishment Candidate Senator Lindsey Graham Announced his candidacy for President on April 1. Rand Paul wanting to continue his father's mission Announced on April 7. Paul and Graham annoouncing started the April Train. Establishment Governor Chris Christie Announced on April 10, Conservative Governor Scott Walker on April 12, April 17 Saw both Jeb Bush and his southern Rival marco Rubio announce. And on April 30 Retired Ne
  12. Also two More Questions 1. Who do you think will win the Democratic nomination? A. Hillary Clinton B. Bernie Sanders 2. Who do you think would be Sanders/Clinton's top three choices for VP?
  13. Who do you think will benefit most from South Carolina win or lose?
  14. Seeing Kasich come in second in NH i'm going to play as Kasich starting October 1st.
  15. Follow up question what do you think will happen (Who will drop/gain in the polls) before NH? What do you think the order will be on the GOP side in the NH results?
  16. Follow-Up question, Who do you think has had the best campaign so far?
  17. Vote your choices. I want to try this weekly and to start a poll average,
  18. Would anyone be willing to make a 2016 Maryland Senate map for me, I am not good with scenario creation and do not know how to make the map. I think that this Senate race will be one of the most interesting and would really like to play it.
  19. So I'm gonna start this topic Main debate scores: Carson 10 Cruz 9 [He really surprised me. I think he explained him and his views very well. In the 1st debate he was not that visible, so I think he improved on that massively] Trump 8 [He surprised me too. Trump was comparatively good, argued his points well and he was even well-behaved. A lot better than in the first debate in my opinion.] Fiorina 8 [in my opinion she did a good Job. She responded to almost every issue well and was really on fire, when she was talking about Planned Parenthood. I think she deserved it to be in the mai
  20. An expanded 2016 election is ready to be downloaded. Please leave feedback, I'll update my scenarios regularly. Thanks!
  21. I have an idea for a rise of a new neo-communistic party and the fall of the two party system. What do y'all think?
  22. I just recently upgraded from P4E2016 to PI and have tried playing the first few months of the Democratic Primary as Biden, and I have a few questions/comments: (1) I switched off Hillary and a few others, figuring the campaign would be pretty boring otherwise, and left Warner and Hickenlooper as "not seeking." Neither of them have entered the campaign, but the polls continue to list them and Warner always comes up with something like -100% chance of withdrawal if I try to make an offer to him. This has continued even after the states have begun voting. Is there a way to toggle the polls so t
  23. I've updated the polls state-by-state (where applicable). Here is my play-by-play of a 2016 election. I'm playing as the Green party and not doing anything, so as to see how it plays out. Democrats are leading in the polls in October 2015 - 40% to 38% and with 277 EVs to 195 EVs. FL, VA, NC and CO are dead even. Candidates: Republicans: Undecided 20% Christie 11.7% Bush 11.4% Huckabee 10.6% Paul 10% Cruz 8.4% Ryan 6.9% Rubio 5.9% Walker 4.7% Perry 3.9% Santorum 3.5% Jindal 2.2% King 0.8% Democrats: Clinton 55.3% Undecided 20% Biden 9.4% Warren 5.7% Cuomo 3.3% O
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