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Found 8 results

  1. I I am starting work on a scenario (I have been practicing/playing with it since we could make our own.) I would love feedback, collaboration, ideas, any events, advice on candidates/VP candidates. 2016 Presidential Election (A Normal One) Once again, Americans will go to the polls. In 2016, parties are facing both contested primaries. The polls show most want something in addition to a campaign on the issues. Will a dark horse candidate emerge sending a message to the dynasties on both sides? With the ending of the Obama years’ fast approaching will it be a Republican to occupy
  2. The Historical Scenario Commission updates for 1992-2020 are now completed! The HSC has updated 1788-2020; thus, all of our elections are now playable with many what-if options, events, endorsers, etc. This concludes this round of updates. *Note: There will be one last "Final" update, which will likely take up all of 2018 to finish. This final update will go over every minute detail of these scenarios, perfecting and improving them. Your feedback will help towards this update. I hope some of you will volunteer. Only fully committed, determined forum users apply.
  3. How do I add the 2016 update ? (http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/11/10/2016-general-election-daily-poll-updates/) I downloaded it but I don't know how to add it because it isn't a new scenario, just added features
  4. Which General Election Events should be included in the 2016 scenario. How powerful should they be?
  5. I'm just curious as to what cites people use. In addition to using this forum, I check (daily): - Real Clear Politics - CNN - Fox News - MSNBC - CNBC - BBC - Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball - Five Thirty Eight - Huffington Post - Twitter - Politico - Politifact Where do you go for 2016 information?
  6. Which General Election Events should be included in the 2016 scenario. How powerful should they be?
  7. I'm making an update version of 2016 with strong 3rd parties. According to several polls, both 3rd parties are showing an increase of strange by about 4x on average. So basically, I've increased their 2012 polling numbers by 4 for both parties, reducing the major parties accordingly, with Libertarians draining Republicans (generally) and Green draining Democrats. The interesting part is that the Libertarian Party could give red states MT, MO, IN, along with all the battleground states, except for Michigan, where the Green Party hurts Clinton there. Basically, every place that the G
  8. I know this is early, but if things stand as they are, I expect a rather significant Clinton victory. News outlets are stating that Trump is way behind in cash, people are unendorsing him for racist comments, people are considering the Libertarian alternative, and some GOP donors are saying they may support Clinton. In Texas, I have several conservative friends that have never voted Democrat and they are voting for Clinton this election, expecting to vote Republican again in 2020 when Trump loses badly. The media will probably focus more on Trump's faults than Clinton's, regardless of whicheve
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