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Found 5 results

  1. I was going through the Election - Play - By - Play Forum and notice some of the elections posted are made in a "Projection Like" style. Basically putting more effort in calling states like real elections do in both the General and Primaries. I wanted to try this and decided to do this over the 2004 election, Since the only Primaries I have to focus on is the Democratic side. I will try to post often and Will go through with this the whole way. THESE ARE THE CANIDATES REPUBLICANS Pres. George W Bush DEMOCRATS Vermont Governor Howard Dean Massachusetts Senator John
  2. Title. I can never seem to get very far due to low character stats/lack of debates/etc. Anyone have success?
  3. Hi my friends! I've created a working South Dakota scenario. After starting it in early February, I was finally able to finish it - thanks to my days off college. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/08/08/south-dakota-senate-2004/ It's the 2004 election featuring John Thune vs. Tom Daschle. You are free to use it for your own South Dakota elections (Governor, Senate, House,...) - The 2010 House election between Kristi Noem and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin might be interesting. Perhaps I'll create it later. Features: Senator Tom Daschle (D) Congressman John Thune (R)
  4. Hi guys, finally it is possible to play a South Dakota scenario. I know there are a lot of things to do (%s, population, what-if's,...), but hey it is now able to create your own SD scenario (you're allowed to use the map). I hope I can encourage you, to do so! Cheers! Playable SD candidates: Tom Daschle John Thune Any feedback is welcome, thanks! Luki
  5. This actually isn't ready yet, but it should be in a couple of days at most in something of a Beta mode. Game starts on December 8th, in large part because for most percentages I tried inputting actual polling data, and the late November-December period had the largest early concentration of them. The result was a polling map that looked nothing like the one we saw in the old PF+P '08 version. (Picture will be placed when I figure out why the forum isn't letting me place it) Howard Dean is leading the pack, with Wesley Clark close behind. Kerry (Blue) and Edwards (Purple) meanwhile are in th
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