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Found 5 results

  1. OCTOBER Potential Republican Candidates - Trump (duh), Cruz, Kasich, Corker, Sasse, Flake Hypothetical Poll (If All Run) Trump - 36 Cruz - 10 Kasich - 10 Other - 3 Undecided - 40 Potential Democratic Candidates - Biden, Sanders, Harris, Gillibrand, Brown, Booker, McAuliffe, Patrick, Klobuchar, Hickenlooper, Edwards, Gabbard, Chafee, Bullock, Kerry, Steyer, Garcetti, O'Malley, Delaney Hypothetical Poll (If All Run) Biden - 14 Sanders - 10 Harris - 8 Booker - 7 Gillibrand - 4 McAuliffe - 3 Kerry - 3 Steyer - 3 Other - 9 Undecided - 40 General Election Democrat - 31 Republican - 29 Undecided - 40 Also of note, the Libertarian candidate is Adam Kokesh, and the Green candidate is Jill Stein, and both are polling at less than a half percent right now. AND SO IT BEGINS I am using VCCzar's 2020 mod Oct 3 - Paul Ryan admits Obamacare will never be repealed Oct 6 - Terrorism attacks in Africa Oct 7 - Graham calls on Trump to intervene in Africa Oct 8 - Dems split on Africa intervention & Trump tweets that he "won't pull a Bush" Oct 11 - Carter Page indicted Oct 12 - House Dems (majority now) call for impeachment, Trump calls it a witch hunt Oct 13 - 4/5 potential R candidates (Corker, Kasich, Flake, Sasse, not Cruz) call for impeachment Oct 15 - Biden wins Dem Debate, Klobuchar & Sanders also with good showings. Delaney only negative score Oct 16 - Trump calls renegade R's "traitors" Oct 21 - Report: Dems to schedule impeachment hearing Oct 23 - Putin visits White House
  2. IDK what is going on but, it seems Clinton has an extremely annoying superpower to jump up in polls with like +20 momentum right before important primaries. What is this? I've had this issue before so I played on easy with fog of war off and it still happened. Examples: (I was up in all of these states one week ago) Florida: Clinton (+19.4) Ohio: Clinton (+26.3) Illinois (+15.3) North Carolina (+32.8) Previously it happened in Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Minnesota. Edit: Now it's happening in almost every state. I just don't get it.
  3. Does Sanders - a socialist, Independent Senator from Vermont - have the grass-roots support to propel a bid and take the Democratic nomination - and then the Presidency? Hopefully, if I play the cards correctly. Wish me luck everyone and I shall keep you informed along the way. Note: I changed Sanders Platform with the campaign editor to my political views, I also will be playing on Hard, I'll post the platform soon. Should I update you on a day to day basis or a weekly basis? Please feel free to comment and tell who you are rooting for, even if it is for my opponent, also feel free to just have a discussion on this scenario as it plays out. Starting date: June 30th 2015 Now for the candidates: GOP: Jeb Bush Donald Trump Rand Paul Ben Carson Scott Walker Mike Huckabee Marco Rubio Ted Cruz Chris Christie Bobby Jindal Carly Fiorina Rick Perry Rick Santorum Lindsey Graham John Kasich George Pataki Jim Gilmore Democrats: Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Martin O'Malley Libertarians: Gary Johnson Austin Petersen John McAfee Darryl Perry Marc Allan Fieldman Kevin Mcormick Greens: Jill Stein Bill Kerml Sedinam Curry Darryl Cherney Kent Mesplay
  4. After defeating Tom Cotton in 2020, President Sanders has left his sucessor an uplifting economy with his major reforms. Can democrats win the White House 5 times in a row? Also, John Kasich and Jon Huntsman have created their own successful 3rd party...
  5. Hello I'm thinking of making a scenario where Bernie Sanders wins in 2016, he chooses Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio as his running mate narrowly defeating Sen. Marco Rubio and his running mate Gov. Brian Sandoval. If you have any ideas for the Republicans? So far I have... Gov. Mike Pence Sen. Kelly Ayotte Sen. John Thune Sen. Tom Cotton Gov.Bobby Jindal Mr. Donald Trump Jr. Sen. Marco Rubio (off) Gov. Scott Walker (off)
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