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  1. Hi guys, finally it is possible to play a South Dakota scenario. I know there are a lot of things to do (%s, population, what-if's,...), but hey it is now able to create your own SD scenario (you're allowed to use the map). I hope I can encourage you, to do so! Cheers! Playable SD candidates: Tom Daschle John Thune Any feedback is welcome, thanks! Luki
  2. I tried to continue playing a custom scenario and got the error code 'NAN is not a valid floating point value'. When I tried to load the game again I got the error code "Access violation at address 00409472 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of Address A5A5147B." Does anyone know why this would happen?
  3. Today, I have came across a game breaking bug. Tried loading a saved game I spent a fair amount of time on (2016 scenario). When I go to load the game, the message that says "loading game..." comes up. The pop-up disappears, however the game will NOT load. Instead, I am met with the title screen, and cannot close the game. To close the game, I have to open task-manager, right-click on the program then click "end task". Uninstalling then installing the application does not help at all and the issue still occurs. This has happened before on my laptop running the Windows 10 Technical preview. I thought nothing of the issue given maybe the application was conflicting with pre-released software. And now, this is occurring on my everyday desktop (Windows 8.1). Has anyone experienced this? And can this be fixed in time for the next version?
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