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  1. A poll. His speech has received some mixed reviews. However, I'll say I was somewhat surprised with elements of it. There were many populist progressive elements in parts of the speech that would have been in a Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich address had they ever became president. Therefore, I do applaud parts of the speech. However, it was mixed with other rhetoric that I did not like at all. Overall, I believe it's rather meaningless since Trump has yet to really follow through with his promises. For instance, he claims to work for all Americans and encompass the will of the people, but then he signs an executive order deregulating Obamacare (pending repeal), so as to make it easier to remove it, even though the majority of Americans want to expand Obamacare rather than repeal it. Even Fox News admits this fact, and they headlined it on their front page for half a day. I'm guessing that this executive order is more symbolic than anything. I'm also predicting that Trump signs more executive orders in one-term than Obama does in his entire presidency. Obama actually signed the least number of executive orders of any two-term president since Grover Cleveland, and all one-term presidents since Cleveland, were on pace to surpass Obama. I think Trump will hit 500 in his first term (Truman was the last to do this).
  2. Who are your favorite Historical Massachusetts Politicians?
  3. What is your stance in the recent UN resolution?
  4. I created a similar poll as @vcczar for the Vice Presidential electoral votes. Happy voting! I voted for Fiorina. My breakdown is: 1) Fiorina 2) Collins 3) Cantwell 4) Warren 5) LaDuke
  5. Obama Poll. Please include comments to elaborate.
  6. If the Republican Party collapses poll
  7. I thought I create another poll about your voting preferences at this time. Just think about who would you more likely choose in a two-way race or run-off election.
  8. Who will drop out before the end of December? I created a poll for this, but I can't seem to get it to paste into this post.
  9. Follow-Up question, Who do you think has had the best campaign so far?
  10. Vote your choices. I want to try this weekly and to start a poll average,
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