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  1. More governors. 10 votes to proceed.
  2. Here are more states. 10 Votes for me to progress.
  3. Here are the results of our Forum Election for an All-Time Historical Senate US Senate: 64 Democrats; 33 Republicans; 3 Independents [Democratic Supermajority, with Progressives firmly leading among the Democrats. Republicans are predominately moderate--Kasich or Collins style--Republicans. Among the historical candidates--New Dealers, Abolitionists, Western Gilded Age Populists, Progressives from the Progressive Age, and current politicians were the favored politicians. Antebellum Southern Democrats, Jacksonian Democrats, Gilded Age Stalwart Republicans, Bourbon Democrats, Republican Imperialists, Anti-New Deal Democrats or Republicans, Republican McCarthyites, and Dixiecrats were roundly avoided. For the most parts Conservative were elected only if they were moderate, Conservative Whigs, Fiscally Conservatives but strongly for Civil Rights, or were a well-known 21st century Republican. Overall, this Senate is symbol of a desire for rapid governmental and electoral reform, equalizing legislation, opposition to political, corporate and financial elites, and greater Democracy to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Barring a non-Progressive House, Governors, and President, Progressive legislation is likely to be passed instantly through this Senate.] Alabama: Oscar Underwood (R); Jeff Sessions (R) Alaska: Ted Stevens (R); Lisa Murkowski (R) Arizona: Carl Hayden (D); John McCain (R) Arkansas: Joseph Robinson (D); Hattie Caraway (D) California: Hiram Johnson (D); Dianne Feinstein (D) Colorado: Edwin C. Johnson (D); Cory Gardner (R) Connecticut: Prescott Bush (R); Chris Murphy (D) Delaware: Bill Roth (R); Joe Biden (D) Florida: Claude Pepper (D); George Smathers (D) Georgia: Sam Nunn (D); David Purdue (R) Hawaii: Hiram Fong (R); Daniel Inouye (D) Idaho: William Borah (D); Frank Church (D) Illinois: Everett Dirksen (R); Adlai Stevenson III (D) Indiana: William Jenner (R); Birch Bayh (D) Iowa: Albert Cummins (D); Tom Harkin (D) Kansas: J. J. Ingalls (D); Bob Dole (R) Kentucky: Henry Clay (I); Rand Paul (R) Louisiana: Edwin Broussard (R); Huey P. Long (D) Maine: Hannibal Hamlin (D); Margaret Chase Smith (R) Maryland: Charles Matthias (I); Barbara Mikulski (D) Massachusetts: Daniel Webster (R); Ted Kennedy (D) Michigan: James Couzens (D); Arthur Vandenberg (R) Minnesota: Eugene McCarthy (D); Al Franken (D) Mississippi: Robert J. Walker (R); Pat Harrison (R) Montana: Burton K. Wheeler (D); Mike Mansfield (D) Missouri: Harry S. Truman (D); Stuart Symington (D) Nebraska: George W. Norris (D); Ben Nelson (D) Nevada: William Stewart (D); Key Pittman (D) New Hampshire: John Hale (D); Charles Tobey (D) New Jersey: Frederick Freylinghuysen (D); Clifford Case (R) New Mexico: Adrieus Jones (D); Dennis Chavez (D) New York: Robert Wagner (D); Robert F. Kennedy (D) North Carolina: William Mangum (R); Jesse Helms (R) North Dakota: Asle Gronna (D); Heidi Heitkamp (D) Ohio: Robert Taft (R); Sherrod Brown (D) Oklahoma: Thomas Gore (D); Elmer Thomas (D) Oregon: Charles McNary (D); Wayne Morse (D) Pennsylvania: Joseph Guffey (D); Rick Santorum (R) Rhode Island: Nelson Aldrich (R); John Chafee (D) South Carolina: James Byrnes (D); Lindsey Graham (R) South Dakota: George McGovern (D); John Thune (R) Tennessee: Estes Kefauver (D); Howard Baker (R) Texas: Sam Houston (R); Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Utah: Elbert Thomas (D); Frank Moss (D) Vermont: Patrick Leahy (D); Bernie Sanders (I) Virginia: Harry F. Byrd, Jr. (R); Mark Warner (D) Washington: Warren Magnuson (D); Henry Jackson (R) West Virginia: Matthew Neely (D); Jennings Randolph (D) Wisconsin: Robert La Follette, Sr. (D); Russ Feingold (D) Wyoming: Joseph O'Mahoney (D); Gale McGee (R)
  4. Our last three states! After 10 votes, I will start tallying up the results for the Historical Senate Elections. I may move on to governors after this; although, I may change how I do the polls.
  5. Here are three more states. 10 votes to progress. Three more states after this, and then we are done.
  6. Another state poll. 10 votes to proceed. Only a few more states left!
  7. Here's Michigan. 10 votes and I move on to the next state.
  8. Here's TN. 10 votes to progress to the next state. Other states are in the forum.
  9. Here's another state poll. Others are in the forum. 10 votes to proceed. NC, MS, AL...wow, these Southern States have a lot of terrible people as US Senators.
  10. Here's another state poll. Other states are in the forum. After 10 votes, I'll move onto the next state.
  11. Here's MS. Other states are in the forum Note: Jefferson Davis served only 8 non-consecutive years as Senator, which is why he is absent. Only those that served 10 years, or are current senators, or were crucial senators that were killed/died in office are included.
  12. Here's Arkansas. Other state polls are in the forum
  13. Here's Illinois. Other states are in the forum. Note: Barack Obama is not listed as he didn't serve at least 10 years, and isn't a current senator.
  14. Feel free to comment on who you thought the worst of these was
  15. Here's MN. Other states in the forum. We need more right-leaning forum users to vote on all state polls posted.
  16. Another 2 states. Other states in the forum
  17. Two more states. Others are in the forum.
  18. vcczar

    Bannon resigns

    Bannon is out as WH adviser
  19. Considering our heated discussion regarding monuments, I thought I'd make a poll that's much more neutral involving figures on some of those statues.
  20. Please elaborate on your responses below
  21. Another two states. Other state polls are in the forum
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