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Found 18 results

  1. Yes, you read that right. 12.5 BILLION dollars after one week of fundraising. I changed my stance on basically every policy to pander to the Iowa voters, which gave me -130 momentum. Coupled with my 0% of the vote in this start date and I think I stackoverflowed into negative voters or something. Anyways, now that I'm richer than Donald Trump it's time to go win an election.
  2. @admin_270 So unfortunately I've encountered a bug where virtually none of my saves are working. If I try to load them it will either say that "Unable to read from specified game file", or the game will crash to desktop. Now I say virtually none as this seems to only be happening with user scenarios, I have never had this problem with the official scenarios, and it isn't obvious what is causing the problem; this happens even if I've saved at the beginning of the scenario before anything has happened, and if I've merely copied an official scenario and made no changes. That being said,
  3. This error message keeps popping up right after I win the convention and once the VP selection menu pops u. If I click OK on any of the possible VP candidates the error message as shown below pops up. Are there any ways this can be fixed? good2018.sav
  4. I recently purchased the Mac version of President Infinity. So far, everything seems to run perfectly in the general election. However, when playing in the primaries, the entire game will just close. It usually takes about 30 minutes or so of game play and then it just shuts down, usually as the week is progressing and you're waiting to see the news stories and all...occasionally the game will close while making an ad as well. I have no idea how to fix this. Could it be as simple as requesting a redownload? Are there any known fixes? It's incredibly frustrating and makes it essentially unplaya
  5. I keep getting an error message stating the above every time I try to access the endorsements page. Rather irritating as it's preventing me from obtaining said endorsements. Other pages work fine, but the endorsement page has been sporadically doing this for me since I bought the game. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. When I first downloaded the game I had no issues, but when I have used the last two updates the game has become unplayable. After pressing just a few buttons in game whether in the game or in the editor I am given this message: "A call to OS Function failed" Once the error pops up all text disappears from the game and the error message will pop up again if I click anything from then on. I was really excited to play this game and have the features of the new update, but currently I can't even make a single move in game. Running the most current version of the game as of 11/23/16, and
  7. I was playing 1976 and saved the game. Then I tried to reload but it said NAN is not a valid floating point value.
  8. I like the new Spin system. However, it only works if you get 5 interview offers or fewer. When you get 6 or more offers, the screen does not work correctly. Errors exist both that stop you from picking from the interviews you would like to agree to and that stop you from spinning stories with the help of surrogates. So far, I have noticed this problem with 6 - 8 newspapers. However, I have just started playing this version and assume the problem exists for over 8 as well. If you could fix it that would help. This problem really makes it hard for players who typically like to have around
  9. I used the campaign editor to create a game and I never get asked to appear on things like Hardball or Fox News. What might be wrong?
  10. First, some context. After a grueling campaign, Donald Trump "won" the nomination for the RNC after all other candidates withdrew, however in pledged certain delegates, the convention was brokered between: Trump, Kasich, Bush, Walker, Carson, Paul and Cruz. Even though Trump was the only candidate at the convention, the other candidate's delegates eventually all went to John Kasich, making him the nominee. I have no problem with this whatsoever, in fact I quite like it. However, when Kasich was nominated he had already dropped out and on election day the Republican party didn't win a sing
  11. Occasionally the game has a turn where at the end the spin screen/newspaper jumps across the screen and out of view breaking the game and freezing it as there is no way to move the cursor to fetch it. The only way to continue is to close the game and start a new one. This has ruined many, many games so far and I was wondering if there was a fix for this.
  12. A found a small bug when opening the delegates screen. It's nothing major, but a small fix may be in order.
  13. I've twice tried saving a game and then loading it with the 2016 House scenario, and both times I got an error because something "is not a valid integer value" the first time it said 2.6 was not a valid integer value, and the other time it said 3.8 was not a valid integer value. I'm running it in Windows 10, but with compatibility set to Windows 8. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. I tried to continue playing a custom scenario and got the error code 'NAN is not a valid floating point value'. When I tried to load the game again I got the error code "Access violation at address 00409472 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of Address A5A5147B." Does anyone know why this would happen?
  15. Yesterday, while playing 2.0.3 version of PI, I encountered following bug: "TGameEngine::ProcessEndOfRoundServer () Code=11 Invalid floating point operation." I used to see "Out of bounds" error occasionally, while playing with a large field of AI players in older versions, but I don't recall this one. Loading one week back doesn't help, the error still occurs at the same time (+- 1 day). Sav file size: 52 270 kB Republican: Player + 14×AI Democrat: 4×AI Libertarian: 2×AI Green: 4×AI Constitution: 1×AI
  16. Recently, I've had an issue with the campaign editor. When editing regions, I'm not seeing the little bar which allows me to select what a region's stance on an issue is. It simply doesn't appear. Have I done something wrong? It isn't appearing in any campaign I try to create or edit.
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