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Found 5 results

  1. This poll is for a 2020 campaign I'm working on. What category would you place the following potential GOP candidates in? (select one or more). I may have to split this in several polls since I can only do three at a time.
  2. Also two More Questions 1. Who do you think will win the Democratic nomination? A. Hillary Clinton B. Bernie Sanders 2. Who do you think would be Sanders/Clinton's top three choices for VP?
  3. Follow up question what do you think will happen (Who will drop/gain in the polls) before NH? What do you think the order will be on the GOP side in the NH results?
  4. So I'm gonna start this topic Main debate scores: Carson 10 Cruz 9 [He really surprised me. I think he explained him and his views very well. In the 1st debate he was not that visible, so I think he improved on that massively] Trump 8 [He surprised me too. Trump was comparatively good, argued his points well and he was even well-behaved. A lot better than in the first debate in my opinion.] Fiorina 8 [in my opinion she did a good Job. She responded to almost every issue well and was really on fire, when she was talking about Planned Parenthood. I think she deserved it to be in the main debate. ] Christie 6 [For him it's necessary to get some traction again, which he lost after the bridge-engagement... I think he wasn't bad and he responded well on most questions and he may have ganed some voters back.] Kasich 5 [He wasn't that good as in the 1st debate, they weren't in Ohio this time... He responded mostly well, but he didn't have the Chance to do so often] Bush 5 [As in the 1st debate, I think he didn't get the real momentum. He was not really on fire and an aim for GHWB und GWB-attacks. He didn't convince me yet, although I thought he has the greatest potential.] Huckabee 5 [Very few chances to argue his points. Sadly, he was invisible most of the time...] Rubio 5 [After Bush disappointed me, I personally think, Rubio has a real chance to defeat Hillary. But he has to improve to do so. The performance yesterday was not really that convincing. As you put it, he seemed really like a Robot.] Paul 4 [His performance didn't convince me either. He had a few chances to talk, but I think he didn't that well, as expected.] Walker 3 [He was simply not visible. He seemed like he didn't want to become president anymore or knowing his campaign failed. Very disappointing.] Early debate scores: Graham 8 [He was very funny and did surprisingly well on the issues. I think he's ready to be Commander in chief on day one. He said that a bit too often, but I think he has some potential.] Santorum 7 Jindal 7 [same as Santorum.] Pataki 4 [imho he wasn't really good, but I think he spoke far less than the three contenders, so it's hard to say if he has enpugh potential...] That are my impressions of the 2nd GOP debate. Tell us your scores. Luki
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