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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I am thinking to create Indonesian Elections scenario. Indonesia is one of the biggest democracy in the world. I think it will be fun to play it. Does anyone have Indonesian map in their file or archive? Appreciate your kind help. Thank you!
  2. How can I create a D'Hondt method for my campaign?
  3. Prologue: Tim Harper -- The Story of the 47th President of the United States Timothy S. Harper, The 47th President of the United States, taking questions from reporters in San Clemente, California. Timothy S. Harper never expected to be elected President -- or, for that matter, to be elected to anything. He was born in Anderson, South Carolina to a loving family that was comfortable and fiercely non-political. He was a businessman by trade, specializing in emerging technologies. Graduating from the University of South Carolina for his undergraduate degree, later pursuing a MBA a
  4. I was going through the Election - Play - By - Play Forum and notice some of the elections posted are made in a "Projection Like" style. Basically putting more effort in calling states like real elections do in both the General and Primaries. I wanted to try this and decided to do this over the 2004 election, Since the only Primaries I have to focus on is the Democratic side. I will try to post often and Will go through with this the whole way. THESE ARE THE CANIDATES REPUBLICANS Pres. George W Bush DEMOCRATS Vermont Governor Howard Dean Massachusetts Senator John
  5. I first started in the Republican primaries on the Texas succession scenario, I played as George W. Bush who starts the Republican Primary as the front runner. I won every contest and chose Rick Perry as my Vice-Leader since he did second best in the primaries. Once I went into the general it started exactly like how the map looks on the picture, and for the longest of time it stayed that way for a while. I figured the only way to win was hoping the senate would pick me, since 100 delegates is needed to win the presidency. Luckily in the end the Republican senate chose me. I kind of won the e
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