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Found 15 results

  1. Here's the new political party of the Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte. Add to your Italy 2023 Parliament Election file. Conte.rar
  2. Hello all, I am thinking to create Indonesian Elections scenario. Indonesia is one of the biggest democracy in the world. I think it will be fun to play it. Does anyone have Indonesian map in their file or archive? Appreciate your kind help. Thank you!
  3. How can I create a D'Hondt method for my campaign?
  4. Prologue: Tim Harper -- The Story of the 47th President of the United States Timothy S. Harper, The 47th President of the United States, taking questions from reporters in San Clemente, California. Timothy S. Harper never expected to be elected President -- or, for that matter, to be elected to anything. He was born in Anderson, South Carolina to a loving family that was comfortable and fiercely non-political. He was a businessman by trade, specializing in emerging technologies. Graduating from the University of South Carolina for his undergraduate degree, later pursuing a MBA a
  5. I was going through the Election - Play - By - Play Forum and notice some of the elections posted are made in a "Projection Like" style. Basically putting more effort in calling states like real elections do in both the General and Primaries. I wanted to try this and decided to do this over the 2004 election, Since the only Primaries I have to focus on is the Democratic side. I will try to post often and Will go through with this the whole way. THESE ARE THE CANIDATES REPUBLICANS Pres. George W Bush DEMOCRATS Vermont Governor Howard Dean Massachusetts Senator John
  6. I first started in the Republican primaries on the Texas succession scenario, I played as George W. Bush who starts the Republican Primary as the front runner. I won every contest and chose Rick Perry as my Vice-Leader since he did second best in the primaries. Once I went into the general it started exactly like how the map looks on the picture, and for the longest of time it stayed that way for a while. I figured the only way to win was hoping the senate would pick me, since 100 delegates is needed to win the presidency. Luckily in the end the Republican senate chose me. I kind of won the e
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Jeff from Cosmic Wombat Games, and I am funding Campaign Trail on Kickstarter. One of our backers pointed me to this forum and thought there might be some interest here. So I am giving you the information on the game. Thanks for checking it out! As mud-slinging political campaigns once again clamor for our attention, the new strategy board game, Campaign Trail, is launching its own campaign on Kickstarter, Sep 16 – Oct 9. After 4 years of touring the country's gaming conventions, holding photo ops with hardworking gamers everywhere, and collecting rave reviews, Campaign Trai
  8. Spain had a General Election in December 2015, and another General Election in 2016, in both elections the result led to the collapse of the bipartidist system. This scenario is still in the working, but the votes are accurate, and I would like to think the map is also accurate. The rest needs to be improved. Someone interested? SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Spain.zip
  9. Hello everybody, pretty much this is my first important post in this forum. I am a huge fan of President Infinity, I own President Forever 2008+Primaries, and Campaigns Forever. I have been creating a series of NON-US campaigns since there was only a President Forever 2008+Primaries and the newly introduced option of the popular vote makes all my scenarios available for everyone. So at this moment, I am presenting to you the "Colombian 2018 Presidential Election"(First Round) and the "Colombian 2018 Presidential Election Run Off"(Second Round) - "Colombian 2018 Presidentia
  10. How do I add the 2016 update ? (http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/11/10/2016-general-election-daily-poll-updates/) I downloaded it but I don't know how to add it because it isn't a new scenario, just added features
  11. Seeing Kasich come in second in NH i'm going to play as Kasich starting October 1st.
  12. President George Bush is coming off of a successful military victory and entering a recession. Can he win renomination after breaking his "no new taxes" pledge and alienating the conservative Republican base? Republican Candidates: George H. W. Bush(on) Pat Buchanan(on) David Duke(on) Ron Paul (off) Harold Stassen (on) Democratic Candidates: Bill Clinton (on) Jerry Brown (on) Paul Tsongas (on) Bob Kerrey (on) Tom Harkin (on) Independent Candidates: Ross Perot (will be added) and more will be implemented as I get more feedback. If you are interested in trying the beta version, p
  13. Follow-Up question, Who do you think has had the best campaign so far?
  14. This actually isn't ready yet, but it should be in a couple of days at most in something of a Beta mode. Game starts on December 8th, in large part because for most percentages I tried inputting actual polling data, and the late November-December period had the largest early concentration of them. The result was a polling map that looked nothing like the one we saw in the old PF+P '08 version. (Picture will be placed when I figure out why the forum isn't letting me place it) Howard Dean is leading the pack, with Wesley Clark close behind. Kerry (Blue) and Edwards (Purple) meanwhile are in th
  15. Below, is a link to a spreadsheet that I created, containing poll #'s, issues along with stance, and campaign attributes for Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and Tim Pawlenty. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah4pSekiUBpxdGR5VEJoNGI2eGNhLWdzbnpKM3lkdGc&usp=sharing Key: F-R= Far-Right R= Right C-R= Center-Right C= Center (#)---official= Starting attribute Their is a huge gap in percentages. For Palin, in most to every state, I think she should be polling around 9%-12%. Herman Cain should poll around 5%-9% in almost to every state, with the exception of GA. And Pawlenty, should
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