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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm gonna start this topic Main debate scores: Carson 10 Cruz 9 [He really surprised me. I think he explained him and his views very well. In the 1st debate he was not that visible, so I think he improved on that massively] Trump 8 [He surprised me too. Trump was comparatively good, argued his points well and he was even well-behaved. A lot better than in the first debate in my opinion.] Fiorina 8 [in my opinion she did a good Job. She responded to almost every issue well and was really on fire, when she was talking about Planned Parenthood. I think she deserved it to be in the main debate. ] Christie 6 [For him it's necessary to get some traction again, which he lost after the bridge-engagement... I think he wasn't bad and he responded well on most questions and he may have ganed some voters back.] Kasich 5 [He wasn't that good as in the 1st debate, they weren't in Ohio this time... He responded mostly well, but he didn't have the Chance to do so often] Bush 5 [As in the 1st debate, I think he didn't get the real momentum. He was not really on fire and an aim for GHWB und GWB-attacks. He didn't convince me yet, although I thought he has the greatest potential.] Huckabee 5 [Very few chances to argue his points. Sadly, he was invisible most of the time...] Rubio 5 [After Bush disappointed me, I personally think, Rubio has a real chance to defeat Hillary. But he has to improve to do so. The performance yesterday was not really that convincing. As you put it, he seemed really like a Robot.] Paul 4 [His performance didn't convince me either. He had a few chances to talk, but I think he didn't that well, as expected.] Walker 3 [He was simply not visible. He seemed like he didn't want to become president anymore or knowing his campaign failed. Very disappointing.] Early debate scores: Graham 8 [He was very funny and did surprisingly well on the issues. I think he's ready to be Commander in chief on day one. He said that a bit too often, but I think he has some potential.] Santorum 7 Jindal 7 [same as Santorum.] Pataki 4 [imho he wasn't really good, but I think he spoke far less than the three contenders, so it's hard to say if he has enpugh potential...] That are my impressions of the 2nd GOP debate. Tell us your scores. Luki
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