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Found 2 results

  1. The Historical Scenario Commission has updated the 1792 election. Version 2.0 is now available for download. You can see the updates by looking at the original post for the 1792 update in the "Campaign Creation - President Infinity" folder of the forum.
  2. I'll post the updates/improvements to the 1792 scenario here. The Historical Scenario Commission consists of @jvikings1 @CalebsParadox @Patine @Reagan04 @TheMiddlePolitical @SeanFKennedy @Conservative Elector 2 @Take Me to La Riva @vcczar @NYrepublican @MrPrez @msc123123, all of whom will help in improving historical presidential election at their leisure. We will go in chronological order. [Anyone wishing to join the HSC can do so by posting here, and can help by playing through the scenarios to find areas for improvement, providing advice for improvements, and for suggesting events, finding typos or other errors. Suggestions for historical newspapers (for interviews), events, surrogates, fixing inflationary index, etc. can also be helpful. ] Updates will be edited in the list below as they are made. ~~~~Updates to the scenario so far have been~~~~ Surrogates Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson adjusted by VCCzar Scenario playthrough/checked for errors and such by SeanFKennedy and Conservative Elector 2 Typo fixed by Conservative Elector 2 Thomas Jefferson (VP/2nd ballot version) and George Clinton (Pres version/1st ballot version) % adjusted by msc123123 Relations between Aaron Burr and John Adams set to "bad" on suggestion of msc123123 & those of Thomas Jefferson (both VP and Pres version) with Alexander Hamilton also set to bad (by VCCzar) Money coefficient set from 4 to 3 by Patine Candidate descriptions for Jefferson (VP version) and Ward are updated by CalebsParadox Region % fixed, so that only Washington (and presidential versions of other candidates) can win votes on ballot 1/presidential ballot, by CalebsParadox Region % redone on 2nd ballot (vp ballot) by VCCzar Strengthened campaign power of John Adams (presidential ballot version) on suggestion of CalebsParadox Reduced the experience of some candidates by CalebsParadox Hamilton is made more scandal prone due to higher corruption by CalebsParadox Fixed the relations between the Pinckney brothers on suggestion of CalebsParadox Issue images added by NYRepublican Altered some of the support-levels of some endorsers by VCCzar Events added and edited by VCCzar RH Lee photo fixed by ConservativeElector2
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