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  1. the link isnt working, can you send it to sampgordon@gmail.com if you get a chance. thanks!
  2. are there still copies out there? if so can you email me one at sampgordon@gmail.com
  3. after a reallllyyyyyy long absence i'm back! whats the update on this? did it ever get done?
  4. ive been waiting a LONNGGG time for this. sampgordon@gmail.com when you get a chance thanks!!
  5. theres been about 5000 attempts made at this one.. but it never seems to come together. good luck!!!!
  6. I <3 you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but wait where do you dl it?
  7. just a quick note, i think for Sports Funding the left and right should be switched. Because liberals are more concerned with funding for the arts, and think sports takes away from that
  8. accurate and realistic? im pretty sure they went into the future wrote everything down then came back. there that good
  9. im happy to announce now that i have summer i will begin working on this again and hope to have it done in a couple weeks!
  10. NAME: Sam Bartlet OCCUPATION: Governor of New Hampshire CAMPAIGN MANAGER:Leo Venezia SPOUSE:Michelle Bartlet CHILDREN:3 AVATAR: Tim Kaine STATE: New Hampshire BIO: A former state rep., congressmen and now Governor of New Hampshire, Bartlet hopes to bring his liberal policies to the white house. POLITICAL VIEWS: Liberal on most issues
  11. i have been seeing Lindsay Grahams name a lot lately. what about him?
  12. what about Rahm?? Andrew Cuomo?
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