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  1. Yeah, there's rumors that Bloomberg and Chuck Hagel are interested in a Unity '08 nomination. It would be neat to include that into the game as a stronger-than-usual third party.
  2. I hope you guys can add Fred Thompson to the GOP candidates.
  3. Yup, Frist is out: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061129/ap_on_el_pr/frist2008
  4. I think you should also add Mike Huckabee and Michael Steele to the VP list for the GOP in '08, and maybe Huckabee to the list of presidential candidates as well. One site ranks Huckabee above Gingrich in potential: http://race42008.com/mike-huckabee/
  5. Yeah I think that's supposed to simulate the spending limits that candidates have in the federally-financed system.
  6. I just want to note that Russ Feingold is not running, in case anyone was considering adding him: http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=529983
  7. I also want to make a few suggestions to Mr. Burgoyne and the 80soft team: 1. The importance of the campaign issues should be more fluid. At the moment it's not uncommon to go through the whole campaign without a single issue increasing or decreasing in importance. 2. Where did news items go? Random events that affect the campaigns? Please bring those back! 3. Making speeches is now almost pointless. I would either delete this option or make them more meaningful. 4. Ads make too big a difference in the primaries. It is not uncommon for somebody in third place in the polls to soar like 25 points to victory in the week running up to the primary. This is unrealistic, and I guess it's due to the effect of ads. In any event, it should be mitigated somehow.
  8. I don't know if you're still sending them out, but I just found this post today. Can I have all the scenarios as well? fps5@charter.net Why dont you post them on 80soft's website for scenarios?
  9. This doesn't concern the bug mentioned above, but I want to mention two other bugs to you. I don't know if other people are experiencing this also, but in 1.00.5, after I successfully research a scandal on my opponents, it doesn't show up in the research box, and so I can't ever release it. It just disappears. This has been happening consistently, and I haven't been able to release any scandals with any candidate in version 1.00.5... Also -- whenever I finish a game the "autoupdate" button on the home screen becomes unchecked, and when I check it again, I get a "list out of bounds" error. Finally, I just want to mention that, when playing as a minor third party candidate, even if you kick ass and nearly win (or barely win) the presidency -- which is awesome for a third party -- you don't have a shot of being "great" or "tricky" or getting on the high scores. That's even if you exceed the "party goal" for the election. I think the scores should be based at least in part on how well you outperformed your party's goals/expectations.
  10. Yeah, they need to change the governors in light of the '06 elections. Romney's out of MA, Bush's out of FL, Ehrlich's out of MD, Taft's out of OH, Pataki's out of NY, etc. More info here: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/wr...orecard-62.html
  11. In light of the '06 elections, I think 80soft should reevaluate its candidates. I made some relevant suggestions here: http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=8140# (scroll down to post #2) I would also add that at the very least Sen. George Allen should be defaulted to OFF, because most observers think his presidential aspirations are finished. AND: You've gotten Romney's positions wrong. You should put him at least CENTER on abortion (he has recently come out against it, despite being "pro-choice" in previous elections), and CENTER-RIGHT or RIGHT on same-sex marriage, as he led the fight, even testified before Congress, to oppose SSM in Massachusetts. AND -- I would retire the "business tax" issue, and replace it with stem cell research.
  12. Overall, I am pleased with the changes that have been made in version 1.00.3. But let me make a couple of suggestions for future updates. First of all, I hate how foot soldiers "expire" now. That's pretty annoying and tends to defeat the purpose of the endorsers. Second, ads seem to cost a little too much in the primaries. Third, I don't like how candidates withdraw without notice and without giving anyone the chance to entice them to make an endorsement. Fourth, and most importantly, I **hate** how when you convince a candidate to withdraw and endorse you, most of his votes don't go to you. That's not fair. And it's pretty arbitrary at the (contested) conventions to have delegates split allegiances now. Also, I would say that 80soft is simply reading the political tea leaves incorrectly to put the 2008 Republican candidates (in descending order of front-runner status) as: Giuliani McCain Gingrich Frist Romney Allen Most GOP insiders are saying that ROMNEY is situated to challenge McCain and/or Giuliani from the right, whereas Gingrich is more of a long-shot because of all the baggage he has from the Clinton era. Certainly Romney has much more of a political organization at this point, has hired many more high-level staffers, and has raised more money than have Gingrich, Frist, or Allen. So if I were you guys I would bump Romney up. I would make this the order (in terms of starting cash, how-well-known, and how-well-established): Giuliani McCain Romney Gingrich Frist Allen (Now, there is a caveat, and that is that McCain probably has better organization at this point than Giuliani, but Giuliani consistently ranks higher in early polls than McCain. So who is the "front runner"? It's hard to tell.) Furthermore, I want to suggest that you guys add Obama to the Dems' 2008 candidates, now that he has hinted that he may very well run. Maybe you could take out Warner (or at least make him default to OFF), and also add Al Gore who may very well run as well. Finally, I want to make one last suggestion: make a 2000 scenario as well!
  13. I am not the best player or strategist by any means. The primaries are tough (in a good way) -- I lose maybe half the time when I play primaries. But then I go onto the general election (in the 2008 scenario), and I have no problem wiping out the competition. I've played as Mark Warner and Newt Gingrich, and thanks to an advertising blitz in all 50 states (for which i did no fundraising -- just used the $70m they gave me), I was ranked "godly" both times. Also I often "triumph" in debates because, for whatever reason, the computer players don't seem to work on their debating/issue knowledge skills. They certainly ignore them entirely during the primaries. Has anybody noticed that the general election is really easy?
  14. It seems like they over-did the negative momentum thing. I hope a future update will mitigate the problem, or at least provide players with a way to mitigate/avoid it, so it's not inevitable. Or at the very least they should make negative momentum affect the opposing party/computer player as well.
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