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  1. How far away is preferential voting? The starting numbers seem to be accurate but without preference flows the results are skewed in the Coalition's favour (which is a pain as I want to have to work hard to get an Abott majority). I do wonder why the Libs and the Nats are completely separate parties, as Abott is the public face of the coalition and they run an essentially joint campaign. I am sure it would be simpler to have "The Coalition" as a party as that is how the results are reported in the media and also how campaigning works on the ground in a GE. Andy
  2. Hi I have just pre-ordered but haven't been sent an invite into the beta yet. Edit: I found if I asked for all the links to be emailed out the PM Aus one went out with it, but the email sent out after a pre-order doesn't come with a link to download. Andy
  3. Awesome that explains it. Thanks
  4. I'm playing the 2004 scenario as John Edwards, won the nomination relatively easily (although Kerry won't accept defeat) but in the general election the strategy window is stuffed it shows me as 31% behind in Indiana while the map says I'm only .9% down. Its the same thing for alot of states. Is this a known bug? It is really annoying because it makes it harder to work out where to advertise.
  5. A copy would be much appreciated. andy.duncan@hotmail.com
  6. Hey all, I've just finished playing my first few campaigns. I keep noticing that even thought the last public poll has me more then 10 points up in states like New York, Illinois, and Michigan I lose them in the actual election. It has happened to me twice now. The last public poll has me up by 3 points nationally (and in no poll have I dropped below 2 points up) yet I lose by 7 points in the actual election. Is this a bug? Or is it just consistant bad polls. It looks to me like I'm simply not getting any of the undecided voters, despite having more momentum in the swing states (and nationall
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