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  1. I feel like regardless how well I do in primaries, the Republicans just dominate the General Election regardless of their candidate.
  2. I just think it's so hard to overtake Clinton. I was able to as Biden, but then come the General and Florina somehow won the Republican and just dominated the General. There were very few blue states at the start and so little time to flip a bunch of states.
  3. I wish there were more democratic worthy candidates. I could disable Clinton lol
  4. As you all go through the primary season of the 2016 scenario, do you only focus on the primaries until you have enough delegates locked up? Also is it better start at the October 2015 time or earlier than that?
  5. How do I switch between the Candidate and the VP? I want to make my VP do stuff, but I can't figure out how to switch between Ryan and Christie (my VP). Any help?
  6. Hey!! How did you win with Huntsman? It seems like Romney always takes control in 2012 scenario.

  7. Is it even possible to win with Santorum or Paul? It seems Romney or Cain win early and often.
  8. I'd love a copy as well. Klew721@gmail.com Thanks!
  9. Is this game only available for Windows? I now have a MacBook Pro and would love to play this game once it is released, but wanted to check.
  10. I just noticed messing around with the game that if you switch the Seat Type for the Republican Delegate stuff in the Campaigns Forever from FPP to PR that when you play a game it will award the delegates Proportionally. If doing this, will it screw up the Republican race? And then obviously keep the winner take all states the same.
  11. Could you please send it to Klew1983@gmail.com Thanks.
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