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  1. Brian_J

    Canada 2007

    Hello, Could you please send the scenario to me: bjappel@eastlink.ca
  2. Brian_J

    Canada 2007

    Still haven't gotten it.
  3. Brian_J

    Canada 2007

    Tyler, please send to: appel.brian@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. When it's finished, please send to appel.brian@gmail.com
  5. Brian_J

    Canada 2007

    Seeing as how we're looking at an election next year sometime, I thought I might get a headstart on it. Anybody know some issues I should use and positions?
  6. NP... Whenever you get a chance, though... appel.brian@gmail.com
  7. I haven't gotten anything yet. May I please recieve it?
  8. Brian_J

    2008 V.1.1

    Still waiting for it to be sent to me: appel.brian@gmail.com
  9. The first time, it was an impulsive choice that I did in response to general discomfort. But I returned to the NDP shortly after, willing to give them another chance, and was made President of my riding association. Then...the NDP, through a number of incidents, cemented for me the fact that they are no longer a party that I wish to be part of. This, combined with a talk I had with Michael Savage, my Liberal MP at the time, convinced me that the Liberal Party was where I needed to be. I'll talk about those incidents some other time... But suffice it to say that I've been a Liberal since Jan
  10. Yeah...apparently I'm on the same position of the scale as Gandhi. I'm a really left-wing Liberal, I guess, which makes sense since I was a member of the NDP until just after the last federal election.
  11. Economic Left/Right: -5.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.00 Same as it was last time I took the test.
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