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  1. With nonsense like this, its no wonder why so few post here. I'll take the second option and go. Thanks Zion for making this such a fun board. 80soft must be very proud of you. I am.
  2. Please send it to me, it sounds great. bigbadjohnhall[at]yahoo[dot]ca
  3. Sounds interesting bigbadjohnhall[at]yahoo[dot]ca
  4. This is wrong. To be ridiculed and called asinine because I wanted to get the scenarios I didn't have is beyond belief. I guess its pretty obvious what I'm dealing with here. I don't even know who this Belinda Stronach person is, she has never e-mailed anything about this board or the scenarios I wanted, so I really don't understand your logic. If I like a scenario, I go for it. I guess that's wrong. Sorry for bothering you Mr. November. I won't request anymore scenarios, and I will not try to obtain them in a manner that is not legal, as you pointed out above.
  5. Exactly, if I had the scenario in question, I would not be asking for it. Its a no brainer Matty.
  6. Sounds rather interesting. I'll give it a try. bigbadjohnhall[at]yahoo[dot]ca thanks a million
  7. can I please have it? bigbadjohnhall[at]yahoo[dot]ca
  8. An election from 2004 can't be that hard to understand. It's only one election ago, so I'll try it anyways. bigbadjohnhall[at]yahoo[dot]ca thanking you in advance
  9. Sounds like a decent sceario. bigbadjohnhall[at]yahoo[dot]ca Thanking you in advance
  10. I'd like to give this one a try. bigbadjohnhall[at]yahoo[dot]ca Thanking you in advance
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