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  1. I don't have near enough time or skill. Well I suppose if you gave me a little help. What will really pose a problem will be the map and such.
  2. Ok good. Is it emailed to the email address you gave to the Paypal?
  3. Ok. It would have been nice if that could have been noted.
  4. Perogo Ness

    Help ASAP

    I went to download the update from the website, and I payed and everything, and then nothing. No notification of an update, nothing to download, no notification. This needs to be taken care of ASAP. This is not good.
  5. And easy sneezy Scenario Editor, like the canidate editor.
  6. That would be great. I really want one, but I do not know what I am doing in scenario creation.
  7. Does anyone have one? Senate, Governor, anything? Please post here and I'll get in touch with my AIM or email.
  8. Could I please get a Minnesota scenario? Any kind.
  9. If you could send me Minnesota Senate: toridum@hotmail.com
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