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  1. Any chance, you'd consider holding off finishing the scenario until this year's senate race is resolved? If Franken wins, in my mind, Norm Coleman becomes a strong favorite to run for governor. Plus, Franken would be an added Democratic endorser. Of course, if Coleman wins, he becomes a Republican endorser, as well.
  2. Finally finished playing through a couple of rounds. Fortunately, no bugs to report. Just wanted to pass along my thanks for a great scenario. Keep it up!
  3. Please send me a copy at mspewak@emory.edu. I'd love to check this out. Thanks!
  4. Please send me a copy when you're done! mspewak@emory.edu Thanks!
  5. When the glitch gets fixed, I'd love a copy too. mspewak@emory.edu Thanks!
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