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  1. I am fairly sure you can have a negative effect from endorsements. You can also do it with events (I was doing it in 2008 Gold, but I don't have to in the new version).
  2. @ Kauai - It will be fixed this time, I promise. @ darkmoon72 - This was something that had not been factored in about the upgrade. It will be fixed as best I can for the next release. @ahduke99 - I have my new polling data ready and I will be incorporating that. @VoteGOP - Err, no it isn't in fact it is going more blue. http://www.pollster.com/polls/mn/08-mn-pres-ge-mvo.php
  3. Probably shortly after the latest patch goes official.
  4. Good luck! Which candidate are you playing?
  5. I'm keeping Keyes as a Constitution Party candidate because I believe that having the contested Primary makes the game even more slanted against the Minor Parties. I may reconsider in the future, but it seems unlikely.
  6. Wow, losing Illinois is a real blow in almost every Democratic campaign, but especially for Obama. And you won with 45.3% of the vote. That is impressive.
  7. A question to TheorySpark - I'm just looking through the files and is there any way for starting Electability to be changed? If not then what goes into the calculation?
  8. Most candidates did, but not all - Ron Paul anyone?
  9. In my experience most candidates drop out after Super Tuesday, which isn't too unreasonable.
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