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  1. I'd like to try it! afcassidy @ gmail.com
  2. The events, maybe... but the candidates should definitely be updated as we go. Giving Obama an accurate token challenger (Richardson) and the LP nomination to Gary Johnson would enhance the scenario's realism. The 1992 scenario wouldn't be any fun if it didn't include Ross Perot, simply because he didn't get into the race by October of 1991.
  3. Maybe not Randall Terry then, because he's only on in three states. Darcy Richardson appears to have filed in all 5 which have had deadlines so far as... and he's raising some half-way decent money to do it I guess. http://www.darcy2012.com I just like the idea of having the "real" underdogs. I used to play the 2004 scenario as Chaffee all the time, just trying to win some delegates.
  4. Could we see Darcy Richardson and Randall Terry added to the Democratic primaries? Both are super-extreme longshots. But they'd be fun to play. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_presidential_candidates,_2012#Challengers
  5. I just ran into a weird bug.... I ran as a Republican in this scenario and came from the back of the pack to a commanding delegate lead on primary day. I have 900+ of the 1200 needed... no one else had even 350. The Dems had their convention, the Libs had theirs. But there were no Green or GOP conventions. As such, I went blind into a general election with about 12 candidates on the ballot... 9 of them Republicans. The Democrat got 40% of the vote and won all but one county.... a 1 electoral vote county that went to Scranton. I finished second with 15% and then the rest of the field had between 2% and 8% each. Weird election. The ultimate sore loser scenario I guess.
  6. I tried playing Pat Buchanan in the 1992 race as a challenge. It was fun and very interesting! First, I decided to place all my bets on a win in Alaska but it soon became obvious I couldn't get much traction there. I pulled back and focused every bit of money, time, and manpower on New Hampshire. It was a rough start to the campaign. Bush beat me 79.5% to 20.5% in Alaska. Then rolled through January and won a 91-9% victory in Iowa. But I kept pushing in New Hampshire and it was close. When the votes were counted... 50-50%... Buchanan won the state by a margin of only ELEVEN POPULAR VOTES! While it seems like a loss in NH should have sent the Bush campaign crashing toward the ground... they largely brush it off, and few momentum changes seem to have occurred in the upcoming states. By this point Bush had 89 delegates to the 12 for Buchanan in New Hampshire. The handwriting is clearly on the wall here, but I kept on. Buchanan wins 14.4% in South Dakota and adds 2 more delegates. Then Super Tuesday comes along and Bush runs the table. Buchanan picks off a total of 5 delegates based on a 12% showing in Colorado. Now it's 19 for Buchanan and 431 for Bush. I've decided to focus the limited resources that I have left at the 3-4 other states that allow for proportial delegate allocation. Maybe I can pick off a few dozen extra delegates. Despite a burst of barnstorming and over $150,000 in advertising... the Louisana primary goes to Bush by a margin of 86.6% to 13.4%. Buchanan adds another 5 delegates, bringing the total to 24. But Bush now has 914 delegates and is poised to lock-up the nomination any day now. Off to New York, the next contest where it's possible for us to win delegates. In the meantime, Bush blasts past the minimum number of delegates needed to win. Buchanan is largely broke and exausted. We win 10.2% in New York, which is good enough for 15 delegates. That puts us up to 39 in total. Bush now has 1281. Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico are the three states left where it's possible for us to win delegates. Maybe Buchanan can make it to 50. It's the end of April and just when we don't need it, Buchanan is hit with a scandal that makes fundraising even more impossible. I decide to focus the last of my money and assets on Washington. The Washington and Oregon primaries are the same day, but Washington is worth more delegates. Bush wins both of those states and Buchanan falls $20,000 into debt. However, the bright spot is that we captured 22.5% in Washington and won 9 delegates there. Plus a 14% showing (3 delegates) in Oregon and Buchanan now has 51 total delegates nationally. New Mexico votes in a week and it is the last place for Buchanan to realistically win any more delegates. On June 2nd, Bush sweeps through California and several other states. Buchanan wins between 10% and 12% in all except for New Mexico, where a last minute ad push and barnstorming give us 19.5% and 4 more delegates. It's now mid-June and George Bush is leading for the GOP nomination by a margin of 2164 to 55 delegates. With no other options, Buchanan considers pulling out. Then at the last second, offers his endorsement to independent candidate Ross Perot...
  7. I was playing on Medium level with the primaries turned off...
  8. I was McCain in the last game. I tried to use my too limited resources to fight for NH, SC, and Michigan all at the same time. Lots of decent second place showings... but that does no good. But McCain's main strength was his ability to roll up endorsements and compete in the later states where money wasn't such a huge factor. On Super Tuesday I think he won 3-4 states, but they were either his homestate of Arizona or secondary ones like Maryland and Oklahoma. Paul played the big state strategy and it worked for him. Definitely learned a lot and with that experience I think another game as McCain would be a lock for a win. An interesting side note was that McCain just barely squeaked past Paul in Penn (by 1%) and then Paul beat McCain by less than that in Indiana. It was a nail biter of a race for second place. Looking forward to another round!
  9. I'd like to test this out as well! afcassidy@yahoo.com
  10. My game keeps downloading a new update, but when it tries to install p4e.exe... it says Install Failed and all I can seem to do is keep downloading it and it keeps failing to install.
  11. Add Congressman Ron Paul from Texas to the mix...
  12. I mostly play the primary scenarios through and then quit... or I play just the general elections with no primaries. In the primaries, I generally never lose when playing as a Democratic candidate any more. I've won as Vilsack (the first time I played him)... and captured the nomination as Sharpton, Braun, and Kucinich about a half-dozen times each. The key is the ability to win some delegates along the way and conserve those political influence points until you can win over one or two endorsements. Then, generally you've got enough delegates and momentum to push out another candidate and win their endorsement... and once that happens, it all slides your way. Playing in the GOP ones are substantially harder, but I still win most of the time. Except as Powell vs. Bush - that's a damn tough scenario that I'm still trying to crack.
  13. I tried running largely positive newspaper ads nationally, but that didn't seem to get me much traction. With the harder settings it seems much more difficult to improve campaign organization and get those extra CP. I develop and develop the campaign and the bar barely moves. The other problem I seem to run into is that Powell can either beat the holy hell out of NH and Iowa and win them, but not be able to follow it up everywhere else. Or I can run a more national campaign and lay groundwork in California, Wisconsin, Arizona, etc... but if I get killed in Iowa and NH, the momentum boost Bush gets puts him over the top in the 3rd week and then that momentum just murders me everywhere else. I might finish 35 or 40% instead of 12%... but in a winner-take-all game, that doesn't help me much. Just wondering what other kinds of strategies you guys might be using.... aside from turning Bush off.
  14. Has anyone ever managed to win as Colin Powell in the GOP primaries? I think it's the money... Bush just dumps giant amounts of negative ads on me until I can't do anything. My lousy $10 is no match for his $70. Which is kind of realistic, really. So I'm not complaining... I like a challenge. Has anyone else managed to win? This is on medium or hard setting. I can take Iowa and New Hampshire sometimes. Sometimes even fight him to a 60-40 overall delegate loss if I kind of cheat and max out all my ads and put myself into -$17 million the week before Super Tuesday. The problem is, of course, I can't campaign after the huge boost. So he wins almost everything at the very end of the season. Also, and this might be a bug... when I've played as Bush against Powell twice now, Powell doesn't spend any of his $10 million. He's got like $9,500,000 in the bank on the day of the New Jersey primary.
  15. Absolutely without a doubt, 100% buy this game now. Considering the hours of gameplay I've gotten out of it and the really low price, it's well worth it. I've spent $50 on games I don't play 1/10th as much as this. Seriously.
  16. AFCassidy

    PF - P

    I think the perfect solution here would be to do week-by-week turns until January 1st. So you can make broad strokes to prepare everything for the primaries... then on January 1st you go into a day-by-day mode. That lasts until June 1st, then it's week-by-week until September 1st. That way the "dead time" after the primaries can be done quickly and the early strategic groundwork can be done quickly... but the actual primaries and general election can be slowed down into a day-by-day slugfest that would be more satisfying. Sometimes I forget that a primary is inside a given week's turn and completely forget about it. Day-by-day would be a lot more fun for the intense portions of the campaign.
  17. AFCassidy

    PF - P

    I think the fact that no one drops out in the primary is a huge problem that makes it really unrealistic, etc... and so that should be a major focus to get fixed asap. However, I too would like to see a one day per turn option as well. It was much easier to digest little bits of information in that format. And heck, if I max out my CPs on creating footsoliders, it only takes a few seconds to spacebar through 3-4 days until I make some more decisions. It would also add to the suspense of the primaries as you could clearly decide what to do the day before and the day of... and just generally add to the realism of the game.
  18. Honestly, I'm happy to play it as a primaries game or a general election game... so I haven't experienced the crazy general election results yet. I do think the most pressing problem is the fact that no one is dropping out in the primaries. Half the point of playing as a Lieberman or Clark is to see if you can pick and choose states, hold back resources, and outlast some of the lesser candidates like Bob Graham, Braun, etc. I can't even offer my VP slot in exchange for getting one of them to drop out and endorse me because it won't let me select both options on the same offer.
  19. AFCassidy

    P4EP Bug

    Another bug report... I turned off primaries and decided to play a Bush-Kerry-Nader game in the 2004 general election scenario. I was playing as Nader. In the setup screen it says Nader has $100,000 to start with... however when it actually starts he has $0. If I do anything to exceed my CP allowance, like hold a fundraiser, the game crashes. If I do anything to drive my bank balance negative.... the game crashes. Essentially this makes Nader unplayable... not sure how it works with the other third parties.
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