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  1. I'd like to try it! afcassidy @ gmail.com
  2. The events, maybe... but the candidates should definitely be updated as we go. Giving Obama an accurate token challenger (Richardson) and the LP nomination to Gary Johnson would enhance the scenario's realism. The 1992 scenario wouldn't be any fun if it didn't include Ross Perot, simply because he didn't get into the race by October of 1991.
  3. Maybe not Randall Terry then, because he's only on in three states. Darcy Richardson appears to have filed in all 5 which have had deadlines so far as... and he's raising some half-way decent money to do it I guess. http://www.darcy2012.com I just like the idea of having the "real" underdogs. I used to play the 2004 scenario as Chaffee all the time, just trying to win some delegates.
  4. Could we see Darcy Richardson and Randall Terry added to the Democratic primaries? Both are super-extreme longshots. But they'd be fun to play. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_presidential_candidates,_2012#Challengers
  5. I just ran into a weird bug.... I ran as a Republican in this scenario and came from the back of the pack to a commanding delegate lead on primary day. I have 900+ of the 1200 needed... no one else had even 350. The Dems had their convention, the Libs had theirs. But there were no Green or GOP conventions. As such, I went blind into a general election with about 12 candidates on the ballot... 9 of them Republicans. The Democrat got 40% of the vote and won all but one county.... a 1 electoral vote county that went to Scranton. I finished second with 15% and then the rest of the field had
  6. I tried playing Pat Buchanan in the 1992 race as a challenge. It was fun and very interesting! First, I decided to place all my bets on a win in Alaska but it soon became obvious I couldn't get much traction there. I pulled back and focused every bit of money, time, and manpower on New Hampshire. It was a rough start to the campaign. Bush beat me 79.5% to 20.5% in Alaska. Then rolled through January and won a 91-9% victory in Iowa. But I kept pushing in New Hampshire and it was close. When the votes were counted... 50-50%... Buchanan won the state by a margin of only ELEVEN POPULAR VOT
  7. I was playing on Medium level with the primaries turned off...
  8. I was McCain in the last game. I tried to use my too limited resources to fight for NH, SC, and Michigan all at the same time. Lots of decent second place showings... but that does no good. But McCain's main strength was his ability to roll up endorsements and compete in the later states where money wasn't such a huge factor. On Super Tuesday I think he won 3-4 states, but they were either his homestate of Arizona or secondary ones like Maryland and Oklahoma. Paul played the big state strategy and it worked for him. Definitely learned a lot and with that experience I think another game
  9. I'd like to test this out as well! afcassidy@yahoo.com
  10. My game keeps downloading a new update, but when it tries to install p4e.exe... it says Install Failed and all I can seem to do is keep downloading it and it keeps failing to install.
  11. Add Congressman Ron Paul from Texas to the mix...
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