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  1. There is a design argument, if not a thematic one, for ignoring Northern Ireland entirely from the game, seeming as its parties and those of the rest of Britain are utterly unconnected. You could almost separate them out as their own game, and simply announce the seats there (for the NI parties) in the UK General Election edition.
  2. Immigration is powerful in the SE, and Tax/Spend is excellent (or non-offensive) everywhere.
  3. One minor query, Tony: an endorsement by Liberty seems to trigger an Education news event for the endorsed party. I'm not sure if that's intended, instead of an ID Card event? While Liberty never endorse parties in RL, it's excellent to have them in there, given this issue has a resonance below the headlines; a lot of my moderate Tory friends quit their party over Howard's support for ID cards. Still very much enjoying the game. Just had a frustrating incident as Respect where we came within 3% of getting Canning and Tottenham, but were left only with Gorgeous George himself as an MP.
  4. I'm just about to play for the first time, but wonder if Donald Kennedy's arrival is a semi-random event that can happen. :-)
  5. The individual party goals sound very interesting indeed. It's always a bit dissapointing when you do well as the Bloc or Greens (in Can or US) and yet get no credit from the programme. :-)
  6. These updates all sound excellent. The endorsees system in the Uk one should be very interesting.
  7. He doesn't have a link? For godsake, he IS a terrorist! He's been mass-executing his own citizens for years. I pretty much see that as terrorism. Regarding MS, that doesn't make him more gaffe prone, surely? One of the huge themes in the West Wing has been educating their fictional America (and therefore the show's viewers) about MS. While we know Bartlet's memory can be poor and he is prone to relapses that cause physical collapse, he's never made errors on issues. Intrigued at your choice... On Sadam, I'd have thought terrorism is generally used to describe something vert different to th
  8. While I doubt, from your user-name, you're going to agree with me, I'd have expected Bush to be the one who is more gaffe prone. Richard.
  9. I thought I'd share an odd incident in a recent game: In each of the first three turns, Kerry made a gaffe. it was interesting to look at day 3's newspaper with the only headlines: Kerry makes gaffe on the education issue (-3), Kerry makes gaffe on the healthcare issue (-2), Kerry makes gaffe on the Leadership issue (-1), and I never recovered. I presume this was just bad luck that the random gaff generator set in. I'd previously only ever had them when I went below 50% health. (And I noticed Bartlet in the Bartlet4American scenario was particularly prone to gaffes as soon as he hit 49%). Ri
  10. I'm undertaking an 1824 scenario at the moment. And hello everybody-- this is my first post. I'd been googling for user-created scenarios for months, but never found this forum, as I'd made the PE page my favourites, and not the 80soft front page, where this forum is linked to. Best wishes, Ricahrd.
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