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  1. Can I get the West Wing - 2002 scenario? Thanks. mdlevy85@gmail.com
  2. Delaware also needs to be changed. Tom Carper (D) is running for re-election against Kevin Wade ®. Chris Coons (D) is not running for re-election.
  3. The 2012 Senate scenario is missing Elizabeth Warren as a candidate against Scott Brown in Massachusetts. FYI.
  4. I'd like a copy of this scenario too please. mdlevy85@gmail.com
  5. I too would like to try it. mdlevy85@gmail.com. Thanks!
  6. I too would appreciate a copy when you're finished. Thanks! mdlevy85@gmail.com
  7. I'd like a copy too. Thanks. mdlevy85@gmail.com
  8. Can I get this scenario please? Thanks. mdlevy85@gmail.com
  9. I'd love to try it. mdlevy85@gmail.com

    Germany 2013

    Looks great. Can't wait to try it. mdlevy85@gmail.com Thanks!
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