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  1. I'll make a deal with you, I'll watch an hour of FOX News if you listen to an hour of Air America!
  2. I figured it out! It's an Australia, not a Canada scenario!
  3. There is a section in the help files that tells you what to do Welcome!
  4. Give the charactors less money? Hey if you want me to take a look! bensam5@comcast.net PLEASE!!!!!
  5. Impresive, you took Alabama, but not NC? Other than that, wow!
  6. Stick with the plan you have, I really want to clobber Linda Lingle.
  7. Did anyone elese dowload this and not have it work? When I try and use it, I get error messeges.
  8. For the play menue? I have them by year.
  9. I just won Montana by 996 votes, and as a result got 270 electoral votes while it's not the closest in a single state I've ever had, the fact that it totaly decided the election was pretty neat.
  10. corruption law enforcement drug use use of force that’s all I can do off the top of my head.
  11. I just have on little question, why did you put Isreal in?
  12. Personaly, I felt it was your best yet!
  13. I plan to tell students at the yearly MUN conference in Eugene Oregon this year. As I am fairly high in the organization, they might listen.
  14. They all do look like good ideas. I still think re-counts are the most important.
  15. Great score! How close where Bush's two states?
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