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    It was a little while ago
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    You made the 5000 total post on the board
  3. I got a grant through L&C, where I teahc. I'm writing on Boer history.
  4. I'm still on a trip; I am for the next six months. I'm in South Africa guest teaching at a University in Durban, and researching for my book.
  5. Nope it's just me now!
  6. Great! I'm seeing some really great stuff, and learning a ton!
  7. I'm tempetd to say "nah" but I agree.
  8. Tell me about it. I had never been more depressed, and it was my first campaign, not to mention Walter Mondale being my political hero.
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  10. If you have to Commies you could have the facists, and a dictators party, maybe?
  11. I just noticed, and I don't know if you already sent it in, but if you want to add a Sadinista, put in Daniel Ortega former leader of the Sadinista's.
  12. It's not really a Political Sim, but Tropico.
  13. OK, well that quote is...not what I would have expected, almost in line with "I agree Myke"
  14. You do know he is LiberalDemocrat, right?
  15. I would vote for Nation Divisable, but I can't make any edits to it so...
  16. Thats what you think...watch the water you drink
  17. Keep dreaming... . Maybe we will get that liberal inside you that is fighting to get out, to knock some sence into you
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